LCMS - Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Locations


Would like to create a POI file of the above, as I have searched and not found one. Any interest/ideas from others, as I believe there are a few thousand in the US?

Forge ahead

While I am not a Lutheran, your question made me look to see if there was a POI file for United Methodist churchs (and there was not).

Every time I am on vacation, on Saturday I have looked in the phonebook to find the nearest UM church. Of course, not often being familiar with the city, I have to do some extra work to find one that would be close to where I was staying.

SO - FORGE AHEAD. I am sure there will be those who will be blessed by having such a file.

Maybe a good starting place would be to see if the Synods could furnish the file they use to send informational material to each church. A suggestion for a starting point for areas would be your own (as you will be able to check this more easily) and locations at which you might vacation.

Good luck and God Bless.

Great Idea can I help?

SkippyTom, I am looking for exactly the same thing. Have you made the POI yet? Have you found one somewhere? If not let's do it! I would imagine this would be a very useful thing to have.

When to Start

revhesse, when do you want to start? I know the formats but the task is great since there are 475 in just Michigan where I am. We can start by state as Alabame only has 67.

Michigan LCMS Lutheran Churches

I have the file done for Garmin and just checking the locations to be sure all are positioned correctly and none have been closed or new ones opened.

Michigan LCMS Lutheran Churches

This file has been uploaded. It includes Wisconsin and Michigan District churches but only those in the State of Michigan.

Need Help

I now have 11 states done and would like to use any offered help to complete this project.

lcms churches

I can help with this if I can figure out how to do it. wink