Zumo 660 Harley Davidson version


The Zumo 660 that comes with some of the HD motorcycles has an icon for Harley Davidson locations and it is different from the standard POI files under Extras, etc.
Where can I find the file and can I update it like any other POI file?

Are you asking about an icon

Are you asking about an icon or about a poi file?

Any file that comes with a unit is updated with the maps. They are not as accurate as the file on the poi factory.

If you are asking about icons we have some in the icon location.

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Harley file

Just curious, have you ever seen or used the POIs from an H-D zumo? Do they have any more information than the POIs from this site? The file from this site is updated regularly and has been very acturate.

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HD branded Zumo 660

Actually neither.

When you click on 'where to' on the front screen and get the screen with all of the Icons (Address, Points of Interest, Favorites, Go home, etc.) on the HD Zumo 660 you also have an ICON for Harley Davidson stores. It list all of the stores just as you would see on any POI.

I did not load and create the HD stores under Extras/Custom POIs because it was already there on the 'Where To' screen when I received the GPS new out off the box.

The question is still where is and what is the name of the POI file that is pointed to by the HD Icon on the 'where to' front screen.

HD Zumo

Have one now and it appears to be the same as the POI file I downloaded from this site and have on my 550. I would like to keep it updated based on info from this site and still use the HD ICON under Where To.

It appears that Garmin just added an HD ICON on the Where To screen on the HD branded Zumo 660.


The unit POI's are incorporated in OS files, and can't be extracted.

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I'm curious

I'm curious to know what files ending in .gpi you see on your unit when you attach it to your PC through the usb port and look on the unit's drive letter.. in the Garmin/poi/ folder.

The Garmin/poi folder is normally where poi files that are compiled using POILoader are put, and show up under Extras/Custom Pois on our nuvi's.

If you see a .gpi file that might be the dealer file, You might be able to update it using POILoader, but might not be able to have it show up on your unit the way it does now. TurboCCC's Extra Poi Editor beta is able to create a .gpi fille that puts the file link directly in Where To (I think) but normal POILoader won't. It might also be that the HD Zumo model has a modified OS that does this, but I know it can be done in the .gpi file if you have the special software to do it (Garmin's Content Toolkit).

I hope some of this makes sense..

@Juggernaut- Do you have an HD Zumo, and have looked for a .gpi file? Just curious about that too. (I don't)

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