Making a map suitable for offset printing


Is there a program out there that will create maps that are suitable for offset printing (in other words, maps with a dpi of around 300, rather than the 72 dpi common for internet images). I want to show cities, major roads, and POI.

with a vector drawing

with a vector drawing program (like illustrator) you can create art independent of resolution, which means that you can print at whatever resolution you like without worrying about image quality (apart from the quality of your printer, that is).

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Usually map programs don't have options to export high resolution pictures. Eventually you can try to export them through "printing" them to Post Script printer (printing to file) and later try to open this file in some program like Photoshop. It may work, it may not. Other options is to try to print to PDF Printer if you have software that can create PDF files (like Adobe Acrobat). Those are just hints, I never really try to do something like that.

But before you even start take notice, that this maps are copyrighted and reproduction without permission of owner is prohibited. So first you should read license for particular map. And then usually contact their owner, pay for right to reproduce and maybe even get good quality printable copy of it. Otherwise you and printing place that does actual printing can get in very costly troubles.