Found the Satelittes status on my 3790.


On my old Garmin, if it was taking awhile for satelites to show up, I could touch the bars and I'd get a sky map of the the satelites, my car, the sun, the moon as well as an indication of how accurate (30 feet, 14 feet etc.).

I've been pushing the bars on my 3790 and nothing's been happening. Today I kept my finger on it and the satelites finally showed up. And a bit more data. Speed I'm driving shows up. It's simpler to return to the home screen.

I noticed if I push on my vehicle, I can change it from car to pedestrian without a bunch of extra steps.

If I press on the time, an option comes up to change the time.

If I press on the right upper screen, then a bunch of information shows up. I haven't been able to decipher it but I have noticed what seems to be an error message about voice incapatability. Maybe that explains why I can have directions on mute but when I'm done with my blue-tooth call and the other person hangs up first, I get the directions through my cell phone.