Garmin-Asus Garminfone debacle


So, I have always had several cell phones that I can just switch around at will. The bonus of having a phone that acted like a slick little Garmin GPS was good too. But... in the case of the US, T-Mobile based Garmin A50, aka the Garminfone, it seems like a huge mistake.

In a nutshell,the Garminfone is locked to T-Mobile's network, and no one seems to know how to unlock it. My Garminfone is now a brick, because I was using its sim card in an Iphone, when I switched the card back, the Garminfone locked up tightly and won't work anymore. Even a brand new T-Mobile sim that is properly registered won't reactivate the phone.

Why let you all know? Well, I recommend having a Garmin GPS for GPS, and a regular cell phone, unlocked, for your phone! No mixing of technologies that probably should not be mixed. In my case, I just poopped a new SIM in my Nuvifone, which is an unlocked Garmin Windows Mobile phone, and it is working fine. But my expensive and shiny android Garminfone is useless.

Garminfone (Android) Colorado 300 NUVI 550 NUVIFone M20