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Anyone know where I can buy a fuse F3AH 250V (that is the # that is on the paper attach to the cord) for the power cable that fits into the cig holder. I have a Garmin 855. Seems like the battery is not charging when I use it in my vehicle.

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auto parts store

Try an auto parts store. If no luck there then Rat Shack.

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Have you actually pulled the fuse to see if it's bad yet? Going by your post, you haven't.

Visual inspection is a good idea.

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Juggernaut wrote:

Have you actually pulled the fuse to see if it's bad yet? Going by your post, you haven't.

Visual inspection is a good idea.

Yes, I have pulled the fuse and can't see any breaks in the filement. Any suggestion why the battery is not charging. It will charge when plug into electric charger.

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Is the fuse for the cig

Is the fuse for the cig lighter/power point okay

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If you are unsure whether

If you are unsure whether the fuse is good and have access to a multimeter, set the multimeter to the continuity test setting and set one lead on each end. If the multimeter beeps, then the fuse is good. If the fuse is good then one of the following is your problem.

1. The cigarette lighter fuse is blown.
2. The cigarette lighter socket is faulty.
3. A wire is broken inside the GPS charging cable.
4. The battery is bad inside the GPS.

The first two are the easiest to check. The last two are virtually impossible to check.

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Check charger cable

If you or somebody you know has an OHM meter you can check if there is a broken wire in the cable. Just put one lead on one part of the lighter plug and the other end on the part that goes into the GPS. If the meter reads anything the wire is not broken. Check both parts of the plug to both parts of the other end.

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Red LED on the plug lit?

My 265WT cord has a small red LED light on the plug that fits into the lighter socket. That light (if yours has it) should be lit. I found that I have to sometimes twist the plug back and forth in the socket to get a good connection.

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