Nuvi 1490 and 3D display


I normally use the track up display. This morning I had the unit on 3D. The unit for some reason was locked onto nearby streets and not the one I was on. I switched over to track up and the 1490 displayed correctly. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Have you tried to reset your unit to see if it makes any


Are you in the Southeast?

I think the government is doing some tests that affect the SE USA (like Florida, Gerogia, Alabama, South Carolina - maybe a little bit of Tennessee and North Carolina).

I had an issue last week where my coordinates were off by about 100ft. It was weird. Then I learned of the tests being conducted.


What is affected if the unit is reset? Any custom POIs lost or stored addresses lost?

I believe I encountered the same type problem when the interstate I was traveling shifted to the right on the GPS and I was traveling on a open field but in a few miles the car icon and map meshed again correctly. Not happened again. I am in East Tennessee.

Kingston, Tennessee

If you do a hard re-set you

If you do a hard re-set you will lose all your favorites and custom settings.Make a copy of your current.gpx before re-set.

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