POI loader seems to limit POI's to only 2 on SD card in Garmin nuvi 760


I am using the latest POI loader (v 2.1.0) for Mac on an iMac G5 OS X.5.8).
When I download POI's from this site using either Safari or Firefox,then transfer them one at a time manually to the SD card (SanDisk SDHC 4 gb) that mounts with the device, I can only have 2 custom POI files on the card--a third download to the card erases the most recent of the previous POI files.
There is PLENTY of room on the card, and I can find no settings in the GPS or in POI downloader to cause this limit.
Anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this problem/--seems to defeat the idea of having a large SD card to store lots of data. Per Garmin,the Nuvi 760 supports a 16 gb card so my 4 gb is well within that limit.
nuvi 760 updated to all latest software,firmware

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Do it all at once

Use POI Loader to load all your POIs (including those already loaded earlier) to your GPS. Unless you go through the manual "file rename" process, POI Loader overwrite previous loaded POIs on your GPS when new ones are installed.

So keep all your POI (and icon & sound) files in a directory on your computer and have POI Loader load all each time it's run due to a revised POI or added POI that you downloaded. See:


Rename method:

thanks for your help

followed your advice re keeping all in same folder on desktop and all is well.
Cannot imagine why Garmin does not do a better job of documenting its software, given the ubiquity of its products!
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Adding POI's on a SD card

If I want to add POI's via a SD card will this erase the previous loaded ones. Should I copy all POI's on my Garmin to a folder on my mac first?