Garmin POI Loader | How do I keep from overwriting previous loaded POI's?

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Current versions of POI Loader let you name the set of POI files as you transfer them to the GPS, so you no longer need to use the "rename the gpi file" trick to maintain multiple sets of POI files on the GPS. Simply tell POI loader the name you'd like to use as you're transferring a set of POI files to your GPS.


Some old versions of POI Loader automatically clear out any previously custom POIs when you installed new ones. Here's a trick for old versions of POI Loader that lets you keep POIs in separate sets on your GPS.


The slickest way to not write over previous loaded POIs when loading a new POI is:

After you load your POI file, you will find in the \Garmin\Poi folder of your GPS a poi.gpi file. You can rename it to whatever you want (with the .gpi extension) and load another POI file.

EXAMPLE: Load the redlight file and you will see a file called poi.gpi. Rename it to Redlight.gpi. Load the Rest area file and you will again see the poi.gpi file. Rename it to RestArea.gpi. etc, etc. This method requires a GPS unit that shows as a hard drive on the computer.


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