2012.1 Update: Gotta Delete Those Pesky MacOS Invisible Files


I just updated to 2012.1 and loaded the 4GB microSD card with maps from 2012.1, TOPO National Parks East, and TOPO 2008. The GPSMAP60CSx didn't see the maps, just was as if the card was not in the GPS. So I checked to see if the pesky invisible files were still on the card and they were. I deleted the invisible files and all is now well.

The weird thing is that those same pesky invisible files would cause completely different problems with pre-2012.1 maps. As in the GPS would freeze/hang, or wouldn't shut off, or get stuck giving that tone until the batteries were taken out.

So it appears that the invisible files problem is still a problem, but manifests itself with different symptoms.

I won't expect this problem to be resolved with CN, but with a new version of GPS firmware. There hasn't been a new update to GPSMAP60CSx firmware in a while, maybe I can dream.

Also, the TOPO 2008 maps cause the extremely long map processing times. My computer can churn out the map file for all of CN2012.1 and National Parks East TOPO in about 15 minutes. If I add TOPO 2008 maps, the crunch time is now like 14 hours. And I'm doing this on a MBP, 2.53 Ghz, 4GB RAM, etc. Not a shabby machine. There's a lot of data in them there TOPO 2008 maps.

So if you are using a Mac to load your cards, make sure there aren't any MacOS artifacts on the card that will cause problems for the GPS.

GPSMAP64s, iPhone XR w/Garmin North America, Yaesu VX-8R w/GPS.