260 Shuts Off Accessing Certain POIs


FYI - Sometimes it pays to try the other format.
I have a Garmin 1300 and a 260. I recently updated all of my POIs and now the file for Historic Ships (CSV) gives me problems on the 260 unit. It used to work okay and no changes were made to the CSV file since the last time I upgraded. Now, whenever I go into that particular file (located on a 2GB memory card with plenty of extra memory), as soon as I click on any location within that file, it shuts down the GPS. I went through the CSV file with a fine tooth comb and found no discrepancies. The same file works okay in the 1300 unit. I even tried the memory card from the 1300 in the 260 and it still shuts down the 260. I also deleted all of the extra voices from the Garmin thinking it might be a memory problem and that made no difference. I then took out the Historic Ships CSV file and loaded the GPX version and everything works fine in both units. With the GPX file, all of the descriptions (some quite lengthy) displayed. My original CSV file displayed the description also but most long descriptions were somewhat truncated when the original GPX file was saved as a CSV (M-type used because it saved more of the description whereas the Garmin CSV choice truncated almost 90%). No big deal - just wanted to inform all of you that sometimes it pays to try the other format.

Kudos to all at POI Factory - a great site!

CSV Caused Problems

As you found out, CSV became problematic with Historic Ships after 1.4. I had tested a CSV version of Historic Ships that was going to have the descriptions in it, and I had far too many issues with the CSV file to make it practical. GPX therefore was the alternative.

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