Favorite Waypoint vs.POI


Would it be better to save locations as Favorite Waypoints or to save them as POI's. Example. I am loading WI Rest Areas (info from both the POI list here as well as from WI's website). I do not currently have the abliity to load POI's with a POI loader. (software issue). Can I go ahead and put them into Favorites or should I wait until I get POI Loader. I want the waypoints to show up on the map when navigating but am quickly seeing that all of these Rest Areas clutter my 'favorite' file. From my understanding, (havent loaded POI's yet) the gps unit (nuvi) will auto. create a separate POI file. Thanks for any help...and sorry if this is an old topic.

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Advantages to both

The main advantage of having it in your Favorites is that you can do it now. When you use POI Loader, you can load them in a category and then select that category, i.e. WI rest area and see them segregated (closest 50 in order to your location).
To see them on the map, you need to zoom in.

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Agree with mkahn.
Also, if you have access to mapsource (or other gpx file editor) you could, first make a copy of your favorite file.
Then use say, mapsource and edit your favorites to hold only the rest areas, then do a save as (rename from favorites.gpx to "whatever.gpx" and then place that new gpx file into the gpsR's (or the sd card) garmin -> poi folder

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