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This discussion group is for the Laundry Service Facilities US (CSV Format) POI project file. Please report any coordinate/address corrections and or updates, closings, etc. Also, feel free to provide comments about the POI. You may also email any changes directly to the Project Lead (which currently is me).

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Vince Nuvi 350

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Found this one near me when I was looking for one locally:

Stanley’s Laundromat
527 S Washington Hwy
Ashland Virginia 23112

-77.47056, 37.74639 as captured by my nuvi at parking spot near front door.

"There's no substitute for local knowledge" nüvi 750, nüvi 3597


Most campgrounds (KOA, etc.) have facilities that non residents can use. I located one in the Outer Banks. Just ask at the registration area. Most are kind enough and will allow you to use them if their residents don't need them at the time.

Striving to make the NYC Metro area project the best.