Microsoft's Windows 10, desktop, offline Maps and Custom POI's


Microsoft, the developer of Mappoint (a good application) has produced Maps, a lousy application. There appears to be no way to import, create, edit, or delete custom POI's for this "application" and I use the word "application" lightly. You can import maps and use the application off line but without POI's (other than the limited ones by MS) it is a rather trivial application.

If anyone knows how to import, create, edit, and delete POI's for the Maps program (Desktop version) you are genius and please respond.

Secondly if anyone can figure out where the Maps application and/or its data resides in Win 10 desktop, you too are at the top of your class.

MS allegedly used Open Street Maps to some extent but these cannot be located either.

Maybe by Version 10, Maps will be useful.



Without an import function API it would be very difficult to get the program to accept anything other than keystrokes.

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