How to get (.bmp?) icons for poi to show on map on a nuvi & streetpilot????


I'm a little confused. I have a couple of Garmin units, and just recently updated maps, firmware, etc... Thanks to the excellent advice I've read here.

Another thing I did was download a bunch of terrific POI files and their respective .bmp icons from POI Factory (big thanks to everyone who create and maintain those projects!)

So, I downloaded them, made sure the .csv or .gpx files AND the .bmp files were named the same. (ie: bestbuy_us.csv AND bestbuy_us.bmp)

I installed POI LOADER from the Garmin web site, connected up my 255wt - pointed it towards the folder with all the files (all the poi and bmp's are all in the same folder - don't know if that matters? just 1 folder with a bunch of files in it)

It took a few minutes, then finished and told me I had successfully added ###### (or whatever) custom poi entries... hooray!!!

Then I browse the map, no icons. I have the map detail set to high (most)... I search for the item (quick trip gas station for example) it finds the entry, but never displays the icons.


Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

FWIW: I have a portable Garmin Nuvi 255WT (the wife's) and I have a Kenwood built in nav unit which I'm told is based on the StreetPilot 7200 ... Both show the same behavior. Anxiously waiting to read the solution... THANKS IN ADVANCE

Zoom level?

What are you zoomed in to for distance? Are they named the same as the POI (except for the .bmp)?

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I went thru and manually

I went thru and manually renamed them all the same, by highlighting the file name of the .csv or .gpx file, copying, then highlighting and renaming the corresponding .bmp file. Example: Texaco_USA.csv and Texaco_USA.BMP (does the uppercase .BMP matter?)

Zoom level, I'm down far enough to see street names around me. Does the zoom level matter?????

POI Icon Zoom Level

On my Garmin zumo 660, no icons show until I zoom in to the 200 ft scale.

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Ah, so I have to zoom in further sounds like....


Check windows isn't hiding extensions for known file types. This is a common problem which is caused by double extensions.

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Are the Icons there

Can you go to "Where to? / Extras / Custom POIs" and see the POIs you have loaded? If so, then select 1 of your POI locations and then tap the "MAP" tab on the bottom (that where mine is). Once it is showing on the map keep zooming in until you see the icon.

If you don't see the icon then something must have gone wrong with the filename and POI Loader.

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You have to zoom all the way

You have to zoom all the way in - just about the closest zoom level to see POI icons on the Garmin. You can also see them a little further out in 2d map mode. I was surprised at this too - and asked on this list. My TomTom shows POI icons at all levels of zoom - the Garmin does not. I find this level of zoom too close for any useful navigation on the route. I want to see what is ahead. If I am zoomed in that much on the Garmin I might as well just look out the car window at the businesses as they go by.

So you have to go much much closer zoom than just seeing street names.

I was surprised the other day when two icons showed up at an intersection that I was on my route that I had to make a turn at - the autozoom to the turn was enough to show the icons.

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That's just too much zoom

Yep the zoom level was the problem. I have to be WAY ZOOMED IN. Agreed, too close for useful navigation.

sad oh well... at least they are in there. Oh, and when I'm zoomed in to see the icons, when many icons appear on the screen the unit goes really slow sad


Many thanks for the quick replies guys.

icon overlay

If you think about it, if all of the icons showed when you were zoomed further out they would all just be on top of each other, The screen would just be 1 big clutter of icons and you would see any roads.

If you navigate to 1 of your POIs it will show when you are zoomed further out when it comes on the screen.

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