Speed Limit Changes?


This may be going overboard BUT is there any way to make the Nuvi (1490T) announce speed limit changes. For example, you get on a turnpike with a 65 mph speed limit and then a section is permanently 55 mph - the Garmin knows this - it is shown on the screen but it occurs to me that it might be good to hear this with a spoken announcement "Speed Limit now 55 miles per hour."

Or is this really asking too much?

Just a thought...

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in a word


Now that's with the current state of the devices. You can always build yourself a POI file that would announce the changes, but you have no way to access the map data to see where the changes are coded.

For Garmin, or another GPS manufacturer it would IMHO drive the cost up because of the software development expenses. Now, how would you handle changes to the posted limits? I don't know how often Navteq updates its data, but I've seen permanent speed changes that are not the same as what is indicated.

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Useful Info

This would be useful information, especially in urban areas with multiple school and hospital zones.

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Where Can You Find Speed Limits on the Web

After a trip to Myrtle Beach this past fall, I wished that I could find a website that showed posted speed limits for highways. We drove one l-o-n-g stretch that was posted at 45 MPH and there seemed to be no reason.

As a result, I thought it would be great if you could find some of these routes ahead of time and possibly avoid them.

I have a NUVI 350 and it does not display the speed.

Does anyone know of any such website?

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It would be nice

I have often thought that would be a great feature. It doesn't even need to be a voice, just a tone would be great. If the speed limit goes up or down, a small tone goes off.

I can keep dreaming I guess.