is crawling into the computer today to get some programming done, so that means that I am in charge of answering questions on the forums.
I am not all that technical so it would be great if one of the more knowledgeable active members would help me with the more tough questions if they pop up today.
So please do not be upset if your question goes unanswered today. The work that JM is doing today is crucial to the growth of this website
Miss Poi


Not sure that volunteering is a good thing. Last three times I volunteered I got married, got in the service, then got married

I'm hanging around so if you have any need of added help drop me an email as my email is open all day.

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helping out

Hi Maryann,
I don't think I was too much help but I did try to help where I could. I don't have half the know-how that Jon has but I knew he was busy programming. How did Jon make out with the programming?


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programming progress

It looks like a lot of people were helping out in the forums yesterday. Thanks everyone!

I made good progress with programming. I'm about 40 - 50% finished with the new POI module. It keeps locations in a database instead of POI files, so you can enter and edit individual POIs (with pictures and other rich content). It will also make it easier to select what you want to include in the POI files you download.

This move is essential to keep things organized and maintainable as we grow. It will also make browsing and sharing POIs more fun.



Work on the POI module is progressing well (it's now about 60% - 70% complete). It will continue to be my primary focus as we move into the new week.

Pictures for individual POIs aren't going to make it into this release, but it probably won't be long before I add this feature as a follow-up.

The first release will include fields for address, phone, and notes. It will also enable multiple people to maintain the same POI file (with up to 500 locations).

Download format will be CSV, but I'm building in the framework to eventually support other formats like GPX.