Loaded c330


I just bought a c330 with Mapsource loaded. Will POI's help me in any way? Also, what size SD card would I need in the card slot?


I should read and then ask. I see that the c330 will not support POI's. Sort of a wasted slot on there looks like.

Type C330 in search box in

Type C330 in search box in upper right corner of this page and I think you'll find your answers..


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330 and POI's

330 WILL support POI's
Thats what I have and use.
It will just download onto the unit, and NOT the SD Card.

T. Laudenslager
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Good use for poi

Poi are good for something on the 330. I use them because i can be more organized with them than the favorites. I can also give little notes for the poi. The SD cards only seem to come into play when you update the map. THe map info on the actual device, from what i know, is read only. The SD card is for any updates that might come out.