Bank of America Update/Discussion



All BofA ATM's and/or Branches in ME, NH, MA, CT, RI, NY and NJ are verified.

The list was at 9,515 entries last August and is now at 9,683 entries.

As I go through and make the changes, I am sorting by Zip Code. This not only makes it easier for me, but easier for you as well. I can find an entry much quicker and you can customize the file much easier.

If you find any errors in what's been done so far, please don't hesitate to let me know. Nobody likes looking for an ATM at 2 AM in the morning and it's not where the GPS says it's supposed to be.

Miss POI,

When I am done, we will proudly able to say that our POI file is more accurate the BofA site's ATM/Branch locator page/engine! Some of their locations are way off and there are misleading addresses.

Metricman DriveSmart 76 Williamsburg, VA

New location

They are building a new branch of Bank of America in my neighborhood, and when it is open for business I would be glad to send you the coordinates.

Thanks for maintaining the file.

dobs108 smile

New Branch

Will be glad to add it.


Metricman DriveSmart 76 Williamsburg, VA