765T Bluetooth problems: pairs without problems, but no sound!


I recently got a new phone from Verizon Wireless, the Pantech Jest. I decided try out the bluetooth feature on my 765T.

The pairing process went smoothly. Once paired, all the usual features showed up: phonebook, last number dialed, voice dail, etc...

Problem came when I try to make a call, no sounds at all! I cannot hear the other party, they cannot hear me. Phone shows call is connected.

I have tried deleting and re-pairing; pairing from the phone; re-installing the Nvui's firmware (v.4); none of which worked. The 765T appears to be operating normally otherwise.

I don't believe the problem is with the phone, because it works fine with my handsfree headset and my wife's Nuvi 265T.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

It's The Phone?


Same Problem Here...

The 765t will not always accept my NEW Samsung Epic but I had no problem with a older phone I used, a Razor.

My Epic is hit and miss, sometimes it work, sometimes it don't. I think your problem is going to be your phone. Many not just you are having problems pairing... especially the new smart phones. I use the blue Parrot blue-tooth device when driving as I and many other Know it's the best on the market.

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I had no problems pairing.

The pairing process is smooth and quick. I deleted and re-paired several times. Each time it went smoothly.

Once paired, the GPS can access the phone. But there is no sound when calling.


I believe it's the nuvi at issue more than the phone would be. For instance, my Verizon Moto RAZR pairs fine with my nuvi 760 and has all features available through the nuvi, including the phone book. Using the exact same phone with either my nuvi 765T or my 3790T, the phone book will never transfer to either nuvi and voice dial is very inconsistent (works only about 25% of the time) with the 765.

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Thanks, Dorkus.

Do you think downgrading to an older firmware will help? I don't know if Garmin changed bluetooth firmware with the v4 update. I didn't like v3.9. Maybe a version older than 3.9?

I am about had with my 765T. It's nothing but trouble ever since I got it. How do like the 3790T? It looks pretty, but how well does it work? The reviews I have read are a mixed bag, some loved it, some hate it. Does the small form factor affect battery life, satallite lock? Since it does not have MP3 player, do you need to upload audio alerts as .wav files? Does it have a earphone jack?

There is no way to know about the bluetooth compatibility until I try. Unfortunately, my local stores don't carry the 370xx yet.