Fatalities near 'attractions'


Wow Indeed! Neat POI file.
Thanks cactusmitch for creating this cool (albeit a little creepy shock ) file!

Just goes to show 'ya.. NEVER follow the crowd.

It's about the Line- If a line can be drawn between the powers granted and the rights retained, it would seem to be the same thing, whether the latter be secured by declaring that they shall not be abridged, or that the former shall not be extended.

Attractions / Repellents ?

Smileys, et al,

Especially after yesterday's flabbergasting NPR news story about Nestles Purina introducing a new product line, "medicinal foods," to cure, amongst other other things, obesity, I hope to observe crowds, even to exploit crowds, but never ever to follow any crowd. The difference between a crowd and a mob is just a matter of whim.
Children in media hype fantasy frenzy approaching "attractions" in some cases also known as "theme" parks, pairing their attention between a GPS enabled device and the view out the window of the car looking for a "roadside ghost," may be somewhat beneficial.
Roadside Ghost locations are what some of my grandkids call Wayside Memorials a custom search tool a wrote with an indexing about 180,000 such American POIs in an easily GPS installable format.
Thanks and SAFETY FIRST, cactusmitch@cactusmitch.info

"If you find a fork in the road, pick it up." Y. Bera.

Roadside Shrines, the Excorcist?


Readings from , "Scary-zona" and other books, suggests to me that now-a-days haunted roadsides are much more likely than haunted houses.

People don't die in houses that much any more. Haunted Hospices might be increasing, but since a place his "haunted" when a person dies under creepy or otherwise unplanned circumstances, road might be the best place to look, if you are interested in hunting ghosts.

Scary-zona suggests that there are "sensitives," people who can tell if there is a wayward spirit in the area better than non-sensetives, like me. I felt the somber when visiting Wounded Knee, long ago, but don't think that I am especially sensitive.

Stopping to photograph roadside shrines, as I do sometimes these days, (I want to see in they are co-located with Wayside Memorials,) I have not felt much sadness. I am thinking that establishing special places be it Wayside Memorials or an actual roadside shrine may help liberate wayward spirits.

I'd like to hear from any "sensitives" with feelings about the sites of highway tragedies.

Regards, Cactusmitch, stay safe!

"If you find a fork in the road, pick it up." Y. Bera.