Need some help with Bank of America POI file


I need the help from someone that works at Bank of America or someone that knows sombody that works there.

I made a request to BoA for a listing of all the ATM's and it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

Updating the POI file using the BoA website interactive map is a real hassel and is very prone to missing ATM sites. It only lists up to 50 at a time (max) per zipcode or address that is entered.

So, if you work for BoA, or have a friend at BoA, please see if you can get an up-to-date ELECTRONIC copy of the ATM listings. It can be raw text, csv format or MS Excel (2010 or earlier).

If anyone can locate a copy and get it to me, it would really be appreciated.

Oh yeah, I updated the BoA ATM file today for the Massachusetts BoA ATM's. I deleted 8 closed or moved sites and added 119 sites. I'm sure I missed some though.

Metricman DriveSmart 76 Williamsburg, VA


Actually, I would like just the opposite - a POI file that only has locations with tellers.


Go for it - volunteer!

The BoA site gives you the option to show only Banking Centers and those with drive-up windows if you wish.

Metricman DriveSmart 76 Williamsburg, VA

Bank of America help

Still hoping someone will step forward.

Metricman DriveSmart 76 Williamsburg, VA