I can access the information on my Garmin 1300 with my computer but when I hook up my C330 it will not show the GPS present. Does the C330 not have this feature? I wanted to see memory left and to delete some language files.

The C330 is NOT able to be

The C330 is NOT able to be used in this manner. Old technology.


The c330 does not show up as a flash drive, the first units to do this were the c5xx StreetPilots. There is not much you can do for the old c330, except load ~15,000 - 20,000 poi and use a newer map on the sd card. Poi can't be read from the sd card - only when loaded to the unit itself.

I think it and my c580 are more reliable than my nuvi's. They don't lock up and crash. I like the additional features of the nuvi though, so the sp are taken on trips as backup spares.


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