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Garmin Sat Nav 1490T

Hi just wanted to say when I first purchased the unit the phonebook did not appear in the bluetooth menu, I tried several times and was about to give up when it worked, so just keep trying. BOL.

Last to appear

I've found the phone book always appears last. Of course the 1490T has to pull the listings over from your phone every time you connect to it and the larger it is, the longer it will take.

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Is your phone book still loading?


Just purchased a Garmin 1490 LMT a few weeks ago. Works great except that my cell phone phone book ( Blackberry Curve 8330) does not load on my GPS. Actually I've seen it appear a couple of times but It seems to show up about 5% of the time and I can't figure out the problem. Bluetooth hands free works OK though. Anyone else had that issue and was able to sove it?


PS. Btw software and firmware have been upgraded to the latest version

Phone book/BT

I found the phone book loading was erratic on my 1690 too. I finally tired of the BT/phone and disabled BT. I had a hard time remembering to initiate the call from the GPS and found that an incoming call while I was texting might cause the GPS to reboot.

Life is better (for me) with BT disabled.

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Same on my 265wt

Not that its the same model, but same situation on my 265wt. My phone is listed as compatible, and connects to gps just fine, and can send and receive calls just fine, but no phonebook..........
Just sayin.

Im lost! And I can't find my Garmin

The phone book use to load

The phone book use to load everytime when I first got the 1490T but now it is very erratic. It would sometimes load and sometimes not. Same with the iPhone 4 itself, sometimes it will sync and sometimes not. It seem to be that way ever since the required update a few months back. So I keep trying.

My new 1490 seems to take

My new 1490 seems to take its sweet time but eventually a phone book shows up. Takes about 5 minutes.

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Thanks to everyone

Thanks to all who replied. Looks like I'm not the only one who has this issue. Got in touch with Garmin tech support and got the standard "will let the developpers know about it" answer. Phonebook still shows up some of the time but mostly not. Not a show stopper for me, I can still dial through voice commands and can still receive hands free calls so I can live with it. The phonebook issue is just a minor annoyance.

Thanks again to all

Re: PhoneBook not working on 1490T

Phone book? Really?

I'm using an older Samsung phone and there's not any sign of anything such as this working on mine.

Is it limited to specific phone types or anything?

Look on the Garmin website

Hello mtiernan,

According to Garmin not all phones are supposed to work (mine is supposed to(Blackberry Curve)). If you go on the Garmin site they have a list of compatible phones.

Hope that helps,

Re: Look on the Garmin website

mpion wrote:

Hope that helps,


Droid X

I have a Droid X and it will connect and work with the 1490T but will not load the phone book. On the Garmin website it lists the phone compatibility with the Droid but not the Droid X...Shows no loading of phone book...

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I have 1490LMT. I have never

I have 1490LMT. I have never seen my phone book connected. I have iPhone 3G. It works fine on my 765t.

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I use the GPS bluetooth with a LG Touch and works great

I have a Garmin/Kenwood KNA-G610 unit built into my car and I use the bluetooth with a LG Touch and works great.

In addition to loading the entire phone book each time it also loads the entire lists that are in the phones memory for both the calls I have made and the calls I have received and I can recall any of those and then call that number by just hitting the green phone icon on the GPS.

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Bluetooth OFF

I had to turn the bluetooth off on my unit. I had issues where I'd be on the phone and then get near to the car where the unit was turned on and I'd suddenly lose my ability to talk or hear - it had been snagged by the nüvi and was working in the car. Of course, since I wasn't IN the car it caused problems. After a few instances of that happening I turned off the bluetooth in my GPS.

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Phone Book Transfer Solution

I have a BB 8530 and nuvi 1490T.
The problem I had was that the Phone Book would rarely load to the novi.
The solution that works for me Is to turn the BB off and not restart it until the nuvi has started and says that it couldn't connect to the BB. I then turn the BB on and after a short wait the nuvi pairs with the BB. It takes a little while to load the Phone Book but it does load every time. I have about 300 Phone Book entries. I've seen in other discussions Phone Book entries as high as 3000. That would take a long time to load.
Hope this helps.