Alcoholics Anonymous


Hi all!

I just uploaded 'AA Regional Intergroup and Central Offices' and would love feedback, any comments at all.

I'm a recovering alcoholic with 20yr sobriety, and noticed there was no reference to alcoholism when I first joined POI factory a few yr ago.

I enjoy hitting meetings when out of town. Well, there's no way for one to create and keep updated meetings themselves as there's tens-of-thousands each day, many of which are changing as I type this note. The 600 some odd Intergroups though stay pretty much consistent and are far more easily managed.

In my mind it's the perfect solution! I can ride anywhere and my z550 will tell me of the closest office. Then a neeting's just a phone call away . I'd love your comments and thoughts to make this a better service to whoever's interested in using it!


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Re: Alcoholics Anonymous

Now *this* is a great use for POIs!

Brilliant idea.

AA offices

It probably doesn't work in all areas, but in Fort Wayne IN just search for AA and it brings up the local office.

great idea

great idea

Kudos on 20 years

Well done 09RKC!


What a great 12th step