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Hiya all,
this is my first post here first off, secondly I just got my garmin nuvi 265wt for a few trips I am planning on taking this year. I been living in Hawaii the last 11 years of my live, never really had need of gps as I didn't own a car there and honestly mapquest and google maps let me get my way around on the The Bus there with out any issues.

Well what I am trying to get at is this. I downloaded a bit of the POI addons for it and so far love it. Though atm I am little worried because the hotel I am planning a trip to in Sept in New Orleans is listed under different name and phone number for it current address, and I didn't really see a Big easy hotel update running about here. The big thing is the phone number, Using the built in bluetooth, nice feature btw, I like being able to call in to where I am going to get reservations or check on seating or on a few long trips when I couldn't find a place on a small side street asking how do you get here there to here.

So here the thing anyone thinking of doing a New Orleans hotel update pack in the near future or is there one and I missed it.

Thanks all,


Welome - and hotel files

First off, welcome to the site.

To partially address your questions about NOLA hotels, there are several files here for thew major chains that are kept updated. If the hotel you are looking at is part of one of the chains, then it should have a file here. If it isn't a chain operation, then use the Internet to check on the hotel. Even if it doesn't have a web presence, you should be able to get information and reviews from many sites.

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