Bumping old projects (Topics)?


Hey all,

Just wondering what the policy was, or how people felt, about bumping old threads?

With so many new people here, old projects seem to get lost. Many people may not even know there is a project/file here that they could contribute to.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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Don't project threads show

Don't these show on the download page? I remember seeing a link to the discussion thread.

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I just use the 'Search' function to find either the POI download or the posts related to that POI package.

"Search" is the key

Most people do not do a search on a forum before asking a question. This one is not as bad as a few other forums that I frequent.

This is the Metro project

This is the Metro project page http://www.poi-factory.com/node/3736

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Why Bump. I am always looking at old posts to help others.

Leave it as it is, If people don't use search box, or just poke around through the threads, it's their own fault.

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charlesd45 wrote:

This is the Metro project page http://www.poi-factory.com/node/3736

Maybe you could start a thresd for people to post their project for others to see if they want to.

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I see it from both

I see it from both sides...

Bumping posts tends to mess up the flow of a forum.
However, I think a lot of people do not search for POI's and just download based on recent updates via file or thread.

The only reason I bring it up is this...

Every time I update a file, I also post in the thread that the file was updated. Seems like every time there is an update, people see it, and contribute new locations.

I'm not a fan of bumping posts, so was just curious what other members thought.


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