Where to post POI updates?


I am a new user and just starting to look at some POI files, where do I suggest updates to specific POI files?

Email the maintainer of the

Email the maintainer of the file.

some of them don't list a

some of them don't list a maintainer, so I guess I can contact the person that last updated.


There are 3 places

There are 3 possible places. One is to see if there is a discussion thread on the POI such as for Starbucks or Non-Chain BBQ and add a message there. A second option is to click on the file maintainer's name and send a private message. The 3rd option is to email the update to Miss POI. If the maintainer is active, she will forward the message or do the correction herself.

If you are looking for a POI and can't find one, there is a thread for that as well - POI's I'd like to see.

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Click on the about / contact tab

You can click on the about / contact tab in the upper right corner of this page and then select the contact form on the left side of the page. This will send an email to Miss POI and she will take care of addressing your request. Make sure you select a category for your update. And Welcome to the greatest site for all of your GPS needs.

POI Updates and Corrections

Welcome to the Factory. Thanks for helping out our POI data base. When you are ready to send in your updates or corrections, it is very helpful if you includes the following, Name of POI, Street Address, City, Zip Code, Tel.# and lastly the coordinates of the POI. Many of our members maintain very large files and the more information you send, it makes their job easier.

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did you get a hold of the maintainer of the site. that's what i did earlier.