POI file for High resolution GPS Markers?


I know there are a few of these around Manitoba but I don't know if these are common place. In at least a couple of locations there are cement piles that extend 3-4 feet above the ground with a locating pin in the center. Each site has high resolution lat/long coordinates associated with it, with the detailed location information provided by Natural Resoures I believe. Many years ago, when GPS system were just becoming available to consumers we tested a few units for absolute accuracy at one of these sites, the results were very interesting and the effects of SA were easily seen.

Just wondering if this could be a POI project?


I think what you are talking about are called benchmarks at http://www.geocaching.com/
where benchmarks are listed.

... and geocaching can be a lot of family fun.

The text from geocaching.com says:

What is a benchmark?
A benchmark is a point whose position is known to a high degree of accuracy and is normally marked in some way. The marker is often a metal disk made for this purpose, but it can also be a church spire, a radio tower, a mark chiseled into stone, or a metal rod driven into the ground. Over two centuries or so, many other objects of greater or lesser permanence have been used. Benchmarks can be found at various locations all over the United States. They are used by land surveyors, builders and engineers, map makers, and other professionals who need an accurate answer to the question, "Where?" Many of these markers are part of the geodetic control network (technically known as the National Spatial Reference System, or NSRS) created and maintained by NOAA's National Geodetic Survey (NGS).

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Thanks WalkThisWay, I

Thanks WalkThisWay, I couldn't remember what it was called, it's the Spatial Reference System.

POI file for High resolution GPS Markers?

In the US almost all surveying west of the 13 original States starts from one of 37 Principal Meridians.

Check them out at www.pmproject.org