Places to visit in the US (GPX)

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Last updated 01/10/2022

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Grand Canyon AZ (47).JPG

Updated 1-4-17.Some national parks in Alaska can only be acessed by cruise ship or private tours both by air and water.
New locations added 2-12-10.Correction in coordinates thanks to landlocked26 on 2-15-10 plus new locations.Correction in coordinates 2-17-10.New locations 2-21-10.New locations added 2-24-10. New location added 3-2-10.New location added 3-9-10.Two locations added for Tulsa OK thanks to JohnFarruca 3-11-10.New locations added 3-13-10.New locations added 3-24-10.Added AK Dalton Hwy 11 as suggestion from a_user.This is not your typical drive see for how to prepare.3-26-10.New location added 3-30-10.Coordinate corrections for CO thanks to dtimes3 4-7-10.New locations added 4-13-10.New location added 5-5-10.Coordinate corrections Google Earth 5-13-10.New location added 5-22-10.Coordinate correction 5-25-10.New location 6-11-10.New location added and typo correction 6-15-10.New locations 6-25-10.Coordinate correction 6-29-10.New location and coordinate correction 6-30-10.New locationS 7-13-10.Added Little Rock Pond and Trailhead for VT thanks to allbizz 7-14-10.New location 7-23-10.Coordinate correction 8-9-10.New location and coordinate change 8-11-10.Coordinate correction 8-13-10.New location 8-17-10.New location added 8-25-10 thanks to dutch1918.New locations added thanks to kch50428 9-3-10.New location 9-7-10.New location Pioneer Village NE added thanks to Don B 9-9-10.New location 9-15-10.New location added 9-19-10.New location added 9-24-10.New location 9-29-10.New location 10-10-10.Coordinate correction 10-16-10.New location 10-29-10.New location 11-5-10.New location 11-9-10.New location 11-22-10.New location added 12-1-10.New location 12-25-10.Updated 1-9-11.New location 1-21-11.New location 2-3-11.New location added 2-10-11.New location 2-16-11.New locations added 2-27-10.Updated 3-16-11.New location added 3-22-11.New location 4-14-11.Removed a closed location thanks to
mdh31951 4-14-11.New location 4-22-11.New location 5-21-11.New location 6-4-11.New location 7-11-11.New location 8-16-11.New location added thanks to
BobDee,Blvd of 500 Flags Memorial 9-7-11.New location 10-15-11.Coordinate corrections 11-21-11.Updated 1-19-12.New location 6-30-12.New locations added on 9-14-12 thanks to Ronmio.New locations thanks to Ronmio on 9-15-12.New location 9-29-12. New location International Peace Garden ND thanks to dat223 on 10-4-12.Coordinate correction 10-5-12.New locations 7-9-13.Changed Flight 93 Memorial location to the parking area.Thanks to Box Car 7-14-2013.New location 11-12-13.Added Andersonville National POW Museum in Oglethorpe, GA thanks to Panache on 11-16-13.Updated 1-12-14.Updated 7-6-14.New location 11-29-14.New location 2-4-15.Updated 4-12-15.Updated 7-18-15.Updated 10-25-15.Updated 1-8-16.Updated 1-18-16 new location.Updated 3-19-16 new location.Updated 6-20-16.Updated 9-3-16.Updated 1-10-17.Updated 1-14-17.Added Golden Isles of Georgia on 5-11-17.New locations 4-26-18.New locations 8-10-18.
New location 8-21-19.New Location 6-15-20.


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