Places to visit in the US (CSV)

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Last updated 01/10/2022

Raw file: Places to visit.csv (51.54 KB)

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Includes 534 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: AK, AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV, WY
  • some may be in: DC, ON (near a border)

Places to visit in the US.(Some national parks in Alaska can only be acessed by cruise ship or private tours both by air and water).This file was compiled by various web searches.Top 25 areas visited in 2008,places to see in the US and also includes locations from past trips of my own.The file contains both scenic and attraction areas.Correction in coordinates 2-17-10.New locations 2-21-10.

New location added 9-5-09.
New location added and change in coordinate 9-8-09.
New locations added 9-12-09.
New locations added 9-17-09.
New locations added 9-20-09.
New locations added 9-23-09.
Coordinate change thanks to davidkbrown 9-24-09.
Added the National Parks(NP)that include contact info and a few more new locations.Use Bing live maps for NP information 9-26-09.Error Correction.
New locations added 10-01-09.New locations added 10-09-09.New locations and phone number correction 10-10-09.Coordinate correction.10-10-09.New locations added and correct error 10-15-09.New locations added 10-19-09.Added new location Johnson Space Center in TX.Thanks to glwilbert 10-24-09.Vermont Country Store added 10-24-09 thanks to a_user.Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument NM and Hell's Half Acre Natrona Wyoming added thanks to noahjokc 10-28-09.Added Bricktown Riverwalk OK thanks to noahjokc 10-30-09.New locations added 11-1-09.New locations added 11-05-09.New locations added 11-11-09.New locations added 11-18-09.New locations added 11-23-09.New locations added 11-27-09.New locations added 12-5-09.New location added 12-10-09.New locations 12-21-09.Antelope Canyon AZ added thanks to ww4cash 12-31-09.New locations added 1-4-10.New locations added 1-8-10.New locations 1-12-09.New locations added 1-18-10.New location 1-23-10.New locations 1-28-10.New location added 2-1-10.New locations added 2-12-10.Correction in coordinates thanks to landlocked26 on 2-15-10 plus new locations.New locations added 2-24-10.New location added 3-2-10.New location added 3-9-10.Two locations added for Tulsa OK thanks to JohnFarruca 3-11-10.New locations added 3-13-10.New locations added 3-24-10.Added AK Dalton Hwy 11 as suggestion from a_user.This is not your typical drive see for how to prepare.3-26-10.New location added 3-30-10.Coordinate corrections for CO thanks to dtimes3 4-7-10.New locations added 4-13-10.New location added 5-5-10.Coordinate corrections Google Earth 5-13-10.New location added 5-22-10.Coordinate correction 5-25-10.New locations 6-11-10.New location added and typo correction 6-15-10.New locations 6-25-10.Coordinate correction 6-29-10.New location and coordinate correction 6-30-10.New locationS 7-13-10.Added Little Rock Pond and Trailhead for VT thanks to allbizz 7-14-10.New location 7-23-10.Coordinate correction 8-9-10.New location and coordinate change 8-11-10.Coordinate correction 8-13-10.New location 8-17-10.New location added 8-25-10 thanks to dutch1918.New locations added thanks to kch50428 9-3-10.New location 9-7-10.New location Pioneer Village NE added thanks to Don B 9-9-10.New location 9-15-10.New location added 9-19-10.New location added 9-24-10.New location 9-29-10.New location 10-10-10.Coordinate correction 10-16-10.New location 10-29-10.New location 11-5-10.New location 11-9-10.New location 11-22-10.New location added 12-1-10.New location 12-25-10.Updated 1-9-11.New location 1-21-11.New location 2-3-11.New location added 2-10-11.New location 2-16-11.New locations added 2-27-10.Updated 3-16-11.New location added 3-22-11.New location 4-14-11.Removed a closed location thanks to
mdh31951 4-14-11.New location 4-22-11.New location 5-9-11.New location 5-21-11.New location 6-4-11.New location 7-11-11.New location 8-16-11.New location added thanks to
BobDee,Blvd of 500 Flags Memorial 9-7-11.New location 10-15-11.Coordinate corrections 11-21-11.Updated 1-19-12.New location 6-30-12.New locations added on 9-14-12 thanks to Ronmio.New locations thanks to Ronmio on 9-15-12.New location 9-29-12.New location International Peace Garden ND thanks to dat223 on 10-4-12.Coordinate correction 10-5-12.New locations 7-9-13.Change in coordinates.Changed Flight 93 Memorial location to the parking area.Thanks to Box Car 7-14-2013.New location 11-12-13.Added Andersonville National POW Museum in Oglethorpe, GA thanks to Panache on 11-16-13.Updated 1-12-14.Updated 7-6-14.New location 11-29-14.Newlocation 2-4-15.Updated 4-12-15.Updated 7-18-15.Updated 10-25-15.Updated 1-8-16.Updated 1-18-16 new location.Updated 3-19-16 new location.Updated 6-20-16.Updated 9-3-16.Updated 1-10-17.Updated 1-4-17.Added Golden Isles of Georgia on 5-11-17.New locations 4-26-18.New locations 8-10-18.New location 8-21-19.New Location 6-15-20.


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