Why the 255WT is not on the Garmin website - Ridiculous -


I have a Garmin Nuvi 255WT and what confused me (especially when researching the unit) was that it is not listed or mentioned on Garmins website. It's like it doesn't exist. I emailed them and here's their response:

"If the Nuvi 255WT is not available on the web-site it is possible that it is an exclusive item. If one company has exclusive rights to a specific unit the item will not be advertised or displayed on our web-site until this agreement has expired."

I understand that the 255WT was only sold at Best Buy stores, but still...they make it, they should support it. It shouldn't matter who sells it.

Garmin 255wt

The gps is a 255w. the T is for the added lifetime traffic cord added on for Best Buy.

Great Deal!!

Lucky for me there was also some confusion at BestBuy.com about the price right after Xmas. For one day they had the 255wt for the same sale price as the 255w. I'm sure it was a mistake, but I went to the store and they had to give me the online price of $129. The next day it was changed to $169. grin

It has to have different software, too...right?

Are you saying I could take the power cord/traffic receiver from my 255WT, plug it into a 255W and get traffic updates on it? I doubt that would work. Also, on the box, it is labeled 255WT, it is sold as a 255WT, thus it should be listed on their website as a 255WT.

The 255wt is just a 255w

The 255wt is just a 255w with the receiver power cord.See specs on 255w it is traffic compatible. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=134&pID=13431#specsT...

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You can take the Traffic

You can take the Traffic power cord and connect it to any 255w and it will show traffic. The units are the same. Even the software.

Tight lines

Thanks for the info

That does explain it. I appreciate everyones help. You would think Garmin would make this easier to understand...

Vendor Requests

The way I see it, Garmin is responding to a vendor request (i.e. Best Buy) to provide a product that they have exclusive rights to (255wT). No one is really at fault but I would think Best Buy would be more clear in promoting their specialized product.

product differentiation

Electronic retailers like to do this so you can't price compare. They've done the same thing with name brand cameras. Best Buy has taken it to the extreme with the Insignia brand. Since they own the brand you can't directly compare it to what other retailers offer. Words like "a Best Buy exclusive" are sometimes used in the description.

255w traffic cord

fish4fun wrote:

You can take the Traffic power cord and connect it to any 255w and it will show traffic. The units are the same. Even the software.

Where can you purchase this traffic cord for the 255w?

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The 255w and the 255wt are one in the same. Only differents is that the "T" has a power cord with "traffic" on it. Which can be purchased ,by the way, through Garman.

and by the way

Google maps still does not have the link "Send" on their web site for Garman. I know that its not for this thread but does anyone know when it will be back?

Garmin GTM 25 with Lifetime Traffic

Amazon has the power cord with traffic receiver for $86.40 at this time. Compatible with the Nuvi 255.

Where to buy the power cord/traffic receiver....

I've seen them for $50 on eBay.