Update of TomTom


After trying to update my TomTom One XL I got an error that it could not load. After 4 hours on the phone with TomTom support they decided the best thing to do was to format the drive.

We formatted the drive, tried to load again, and nothing worked.

Now I do not even have the original map I started with. In disucssing further with Technical Support, then the mangagers to get a refund or at least get back to where I started prior trying to give TomTom more money by purchasing an update, I was told "there is nothing we can do for you".

Now I have a piece of metal and glass and maybe a paperweight.

I am glad to hear that Garmin is a good alternative.

Stuff happens

Before you lay out another dime on any GPS'r go to the www.tomtomforums.com site and see if you can find a solution there. If that site doesn't help you then by all means get the Garmin! smile


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Did you do a backup before attempting your update?

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GPs (Any)

I have had a Garmin and a Magellan and now a Tom Tom 740 so whatever you buy they get outdated and quit working right and its best not to try updating by my experiences with the Magallen 4040 as its now a paper weight also The Tom Tom 740 seems to be doing a good job but I'll never figure out why they removed the compass


GPS quality seems to be going downhill in general.

I had a similar problem updating my TomTom. Turns out that there just wasn't enough space on the GPS to update the map so I had to delete the foreign voice files to get the update to go through.

If you have a Costco membership, you might want to purchase your next GPS from there, even if it's a couple dollars more. Costco has the best return policy I've ever heard of, so at least you'll be able to get your money back if the next GPS doesn't cut it.

Updates are OK

I've had my GO 930 for over 18 months and have done numerous updates to the GPS software and maps. The only problems I had (and they were just a few and they were minor) were operator-induced. I am now careful to make a Windows Explorer back-up of everything before doing an update.

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hi I am wondering how you like your 930, i recently bought a 740 and to my disappointment it doesn,t transmit thru your fm radio and I am hard of hearing also i understand the 930 has a FM transmitter built min it. Staples have already told me they nwould aCCEPT THIS one back because they said it had a fm transmitter unknown to me where they got that info but it doesn't


I really like it

However, the FM transmitter was not one of the key features I was interested in. I live in Dallas/Fort Worth area, and there are not many open FM channels. In fact, depending upon where I drive, I would have to change channels as I would get interference from radio stations. Out in the country, I did not have that problem and the FM transmitter worked fine.

The 730 also has an FM transmitter. If you do not need European maps, it is cheaper. It only has 2 GB of memory, but that is plenty for the NA maps.

My hearing is not the best either, and most of the time I can hear my GO 930 just fine. I keep it on a beanbag sitting on the cupholder console between the two front seats. Since the speaker is on the back, that muffles the sound a little. It is very easy to hear when I use my gooseneck/friction mount combination. Although I only use that on trips. It is easier to hide my 930 when I park using my beanbag "mount".

Hope that helps.

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I am not big fan FM

I am not big fan FM transmitter. The quality is not so great. If you have cassette player in your car, use one of those CD-to-Cassette converters (the onces which use to come with earlier portable CD players). I use one of those, and quality is amazing.

One questions comes to my mind, do you want FM Tx for music, or for directions. Directions on Transmitter is not a good idea, as you will need to on the radio in car all the time whether you are listening to music or not. E.g. you may want to hear news on radio, that time you can not have directions via FM Tx.