2010.30 maps & routing


I noticed that after having upgraded my map, that my unit now chooses a different route going from my workplace to home.

In the past it would always route me the same way whereas now with the 2010.30 upgrade it routes me differently. Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else ?

Since I always take the same way home, I know for certain that there hasn't been any new road construction which could cause this.

The route preference and avoidances are set the same as in the past. Does anyone have an idea why then it routes me differently ?

Have a great week everyone !

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speed change

The "best route" depends in part on the specific estimated rate of advance of the roads, and also on permitted directions of turns in intersections. If the update differed, and the difference was small, this could be the reason.

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Yes, there are differences

Same here. I attributed it to changes in speed limits in the map.