2 Day old TomTom XL335S dead?


Hey So I just updated my XL335S about 3o minutes ago put the GPSquickfix update on and ejected the drive, now I have a constant loop of the tomtomlogo and the drive loading. If I try to reset I get either a green screen or a linux menu with device stats on it I can update and run the device through my machine normally, however, immediantly after it is ejected the unit goes in cycle. I am calling tomtom tomorrow morning and I am really going to be pissed if I have to mail another defective unit to texas AGAIN. Any tips on what could be wrong I have included a pic of the Linux screen and am uploading and will link to a youtube video of the unit cycling. thanks for any help.
here is a link to a picture of what the code screen looks like (sorry taken from my phone)


here is the video


Fixed it, tomtom tech support guided me through application reinstall and eventually I had to do a complete reformat. if anyone wants directions let me know its fairly easy