Fallen Lakewood, WA Officers


The memorial ceremony for the officers is today at 1:00. Our thoughts are with the families of Sergeant Mark Renninger and officers Ronald Owens, Tina Griswold and Greg Richards.

Information about the memorial can be found at http://www.cityoflakewood.us/

thank you

The outpouring of prayers across the country has been amazing. My thoughts are also with with the remaining members of the Department. I can't imagine going to work tomorrow knowing four of my friends had died........

and the sad thing is this never should have happened

Like politics maybe this one should be left alone but people should start asking themselves why do we let people like this out if there is any chance of re-offending? Sometimes people either need to be locked up forever or put to death.
If they can't be properly supervised then they should never get out. Sometime I believe we focus to much on the wrong person's rights.

Rest in Peace.

Rest in Peace. sad

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