Lock for you GPS



Ok but looks like a PITA.

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The "Club" for GPS?

Wouldn't it be easier, never mind cheaper, just to take it with you?

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...and it's pretty easy to take steering wheels off.

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not that easy. Most thieves don't carry a wheel puller with them.

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you could just take it off the mount and put it in your pocket before you exit the car...

I Just

I just take it with me if I have to leave my truck. Put the bean bag mount and power cord under seat out of site.

Put the bean bag on the floor

and remove the GPS from the car, a whole lot easier and less "advertising" to thieves that you keep valuables in your car.

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easy to put in pocket

If I am worried about it being stolen where I am parked, I take it with me or lock it up out of sight. As someone else said bean bag mounts are very convenient. Putting a device like that just seems to advertise to thieves that its something worth taking. It might slow down a thief, but one determined enough will just cut the steering wheel or cord.


That piece of junk is outright unwieldy and probably too expensive to justify it's existence - I don't want to mess with a thing that has two ends connected by a heavy cable every time I get in and out of the car.

- Do not enter a HOME waypoint, at least not one that goes to your front door.
- Buy replacement cost insurance.
- Back up your waypoints.
- Don't leave the navigator in sight when you get out of the car - I stick mine in the arm rest.

If they do get your unit, take the insurance company's money and buy a new one with the latest maps.

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You've got to be kidding. razz


But a hacksaw

will cut into the outer ring of the steering wheel. Then you can simply bend the rim out of the way and remove the entire device. Hook, line and sinker.

Faster, easier and free

Just hide your gps under your seat.

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Just Take It With You

This looks like it would attract even more unnecessary attention to your car. How much are these things?

The reality is that if they really want it, they will have a hack saw to cut through your steering wheel in about 30 seconds and then figure out how to get it off later.

It takes no longer than that to put the GPS in your pocket and hide the suction or bean bag mount. Then you're really sure it's safe. Besides, I like to have it handy, in case I need a pedestrian map.


Anybody remember the Club?

Anybody remember the Club? That was some kind of a 18 inch bar that locked onto the steering wheel and prevented it from turning and therefore the car couldn't be stolen. It took the car chiefs 20 seconds to hacksaw through the steering wheel, remove the club and steel the car.

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I think its a good idea.

I think its a good idea.

That's the craziest thing I've seen yet

Just put it in your pocket and rest assured you'll have it when you return.

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I would not leave my GPS in

I would not leave my GPS in plane sight,it invites trouble. A determined person will find a way to steal it.

Not Real

I have a feeling that this is a joke. From the looks of it the cost would be around $50 bucks or more. So not worth it. Just take the @#&*# with you when you leave the car and save the money.

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They really have to be kidding....

It would take longer to lock this thing up than to just disconnect and take or hide the GPS unit. And god forbid that you should lose the key! You wouldn't be able to drive the car!


johnc wrote:

They really have to be kidding....

And god forbid that you should lose the key! You wouldn't be able to drive the car!

Sure you could - you just toss the unit over your shoulder and deal with the thing rotating around dangling in the back . . . grin

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What a stupid invention. If one thinks steal me if you can is better than nothing to steal, you gotta get your head examined.

What a great thing

This will be just great. I'm so looking forward to coming back to my car and find the window broken, but find that the thief didn't get my cheap GPS. Maybe they broke the screen trying to get it, or just broke it for spite, but they didn't get the GPS. Clearly I win.

Australian Humour?

It must be a joke. Folks from Oz like fooling their cousins in North America.

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Ya kidding, right?

I mean look at the bright colors! I mean it would stick out. And if you are dumb enough to leave the GPS in the car, what else did you leave? A thief would probably break in to see if you left anything else valuable, even if he/she couldn't get the GPS. Like most folks here, take it with you. Save the cost of a side window replacement.

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It'll just egg a thief on with more damage to your vehicle.

Looking at this from a thief's point of view..

"So.. this driver thought he could keep me from stealing his GPS? I'll teach him.

Bam/Crash.. there's his front side drivers window.

Bam/Crash.. there's his rear side drivers window.

Bam/Crash.. there's his rear window.

Bam/Crash.. there's his rear side passenger window.

Bam/Crash.. there's his front side passenger window.

... and while I"m at it:

Bam/Crash.. there's his GPS now in pieces.

"Next time sucker DON'T get me P.O.'d and chain it up.. and I won't do as much "Pay Back" damage.


Just my thoughts. Yours could get more or less milage.



I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!


More trouble than is necessary. It looks colorful, though, and another key to carry around.

wouldnt it be alot cheaper

wouldnt it be alot cheaper and more safe to just take the gps with you when you leave

I recommend....

taking it with you if you are traveling and making a temporary stop at a mall or site seeing location, putting the beanbag etc out of sight. Overnite should never be a question...take it out of the vehicle. Thiefs often look for specific signs of items they want and quickly move on if they don't find a hint of goodies in the vehicle. Right now in VT a GPS unit will bring about $100 'on the market', an iPod is about $50. A few minutes can prevent the inconvienence cause most items are never recovered.


Ummm... I'll just take my GPS with me when I leave the car.

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Agree -

I agree with you. I prefer the "Pocket Locket" myself.

Just leave it out of sight!

Just leave it out of sight!

Nice idea. But!!

Just take it with you!

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