Alas it was good while it lasted


Well I did it. I was heading to the car the other morning and in doing so I was juggling the items I needed for the day and wouldn't you know it, I had my C330 on the top of the pile and missed it. It hit the ground hard, never to recover )-; Good news is I was able to find a C340 on CL for cheap and purchased it. But I can tell you that once you're used to one of these things attempting to go back to Google or Yahoo maps is quite difficult. In fact when I used Google maps to plan out my route to go pick up the 340 sent me to the wrong location on the wrong side of the street. I just put that same address into the new C340 and it popped right up on the right side of the street and everything. I will be EXTREMELY careful in handling this one you can bet on that. Now I need to get all my POI's reloaded and the camera POI as well.


Sorry to hear about that--glad that you found a quick and inexpensive replacement!


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At least replacing a GPS has

At least replacing a GPS has come down in price for a similiar or better unit.