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Everyone probably already knows this but I was playing around with the new nuvi 205W because I didn't like the icons from the custom loaded CSV files disappearing unless you were zoomed in to 300-500 feet. I noticed the symbols for the manually loaded Favorites were visible when zoomed out.

I replaced some of my custom POI locations with manually loaded Favorites and then associated the Garmin pre-loaded symbols with them. They are now visible almost all the time.

This is not something you would want to do with a large number of POIs but for those you want to see all the time it is a good option.

Is it possible to supplement the Garmin pre-loaded symbols with additional icons ?

Is there a folder on the unit that contains these symbols similar to the one holding the vehicle files ?

thanks !

I think the only way to use

I think the only way to use symbols besides what's built into the unit, is to make them POIs with a custom POI Image file associated.

I'm still kind of new, so I may be wrong about this.

POI Category to Favorite Category

Is there a simple way to import a POI file into a new Favorite Category and assign an icon to all the favorites in the category?

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Yes Extra Poi Editor will do

Yes Extra Poi Editor will do it

1.Load file to EPE.
2.Double click on any poi.Go down to Display Preferences.
3.Look first for the symbol you want to use.Remember the name and how it is typed.
4.Next select a category.If you don't find one type in what you want.Every time you add a new category it will always be added to the list.The next time you use EPE you will see any new category you have added.Again remember the name and how it is typed.
5.Close out the screen you doubled clicked to bring up.You should now be back to main EPE page.
6.Click edit top of page then replace field.
7.Under Field Name using down arrow select symbol.
8.Under New Field Value type in the name of the symbol.
9.Now click replace all.They all have that symbol
10.Repeat same process for category.
11.Once completed save as a gpx file and name it temp.gpx
12.Copy and paste next to current.gpx located in the gpx folder on your gps.
The new category and with symbol should now be located in your favorites.

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which question ?

I am not sure which question you answered. The original question was asking if it was possible to add more symbols to be used with Favorites that will be viewable zoomed out farther than 300 feet.

Are you saying that EPE will add a symbol to the POI that can be seen even when zoomed out ?

I was answering the post

I was answering the post above my post from gdfaini.You will find that Garmin is not into cluttering of the screen with icons.You have to zoom in to see them unless you are getting near the end of the destination.Favorites do seem to display better.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. Android Here WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS.

thanks :-)

OK...thanks....I like the ability to have some icons to remain on the screen but can see the problem if all the loaded POIs stayed visible.