Garmin Beta POILoader 2.4.0 Help


Hi all, don't know if this is the correct place to ask this, but i need some help !! I have just bought a brand new Garmin Nuvi 1490t but it does not support mp3 files and i wish to install voice alerts. The only way i can do this is to tx the files to WAV format and use POILoader Beta 2.4.0 to do this. Has anyone got access to the file and if so, can i have a copy.

Many thanks in advance.

a.Download the latest

a.Download the latest PoiLoader file at .
b. Download Sox Exe at .
c. After un-zipping Sox.Exe file place it in your Garmin folder where the PoiLoader exe file is located on the computer.
d. The wav file for alerts will be named the same as the CSV or GPX file except for the extensions.
e. You can make your own wav files by going to and typing in what you want it to say or use a program to convert mp3 files to wav. When using the conversion it must be saved as PCM, 44.100 kHZ., 16 bit, Mono. Wav files are also on site for download.
Select manual mode on poiloader to set speed or distance for alert.

See for lots of wav files for download.

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nice site

Thanks for the link to A nice simple site to make wave files.