Garmin Ease of Use 2


Does anyone know how to take a track and turn it into a route? Yes, I did actually read the manual and couldn't find an answer (MM, I have a 755t.)



There's no automatic way to do it on the nuvi 755t.

What you need to do is to send the track from the GPS unit to MapSource using the "Receive from Device" button.

Then im Mapsource, using the Routing Tool, manually trace over the route selecting points at strategic locations following the route. Then tweak as needed to match the track.

There's an easier way.

I had the same problem. If you calculate the route by adding waypoints, you can force the route to cover the roads and turns you want. Then you can store it.


I stumbled through it like you both suggested. Found that zooming in and out in Map Source helps a lot. Also found that if I'm not careful in selecting my points along the way, it'll move me to the next exit and then force a U-turn. It was also interesting to note as I zoomed in, I could see which side of the interstate I had traveled on and my tracks clearly showed the different routes traveled when exiting and entering the interstate at a specific location.