Garmin 360 and Win 7


Anyone else using Windows 7 Ultimate having a problem with Windows wanting to format their Garmin device?

I've been getting the error lately. It pops up on the screen saying "This device is formated improperly. Do you want to format it now?" Of course I don't. But I'm worried that one day I'll be clicking through the screens and click on the format button.

And as silly as that sounds, with the new user interface set up to be super user friendly, it's hard to miss the "Yes" button. On my screen it's got to be about 4"x2" in size.

Anyways I thought I'd just ask and post a heads up for others.

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Not a problem

My first thought was that the Nuvi storage drive was formatted as FAT and that Windows 7 may not support that anymore but I see my 350 is formatted FAT32. It works fine with Windows 7 Ultimate, the same as it did with XP and Vista.

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mine does not have this

mine does not have this problem