The New Garmin Nuvifone from AT&T

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To Bad

to bad i already have an Iphone!!! no GPS but I love mine!!

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Too Much

$400 up front, then wait for the $100 to you, plus you would need the bluetooth and car kit @ $69, plue a car charger @ $25, plue other stuff you may what.

Just too much for me, I'll stay with my 750 for now.

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Also ran.

PC Magazine has a review here:,2817,2353741,00.asp. Nuvi phone doesn't fare too well.

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late in the game...

I was sorry to see Garmin dilute their engineering resources to bring such a weak player to the market so late in the game.

.. also add to the expenses above, a "smartphone" plan (required by ATT) and the "connected" services .... The value is not there.

Amazon has the nuvi phone

Amazon has the nuvi phone for $149.00 with a new contract.. A great deal for people thinking of switching to ATT or currently not on a ATT contract..

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anyone know how much the

anyone know how much the monthly data plan runs?


jcg4550 wrote:
Here is a link to the demo from Garmin.

Garmin has its MobileXT product that can run on Windows Mobile or Symbian platform and it costs a lot less. Just another junk I guess. smile


it's too new

and too untested and WAY TOO COSTLY for me.

Add On

jason1466 wrote:

anyone know how much the monthly data plan runs?

I think it is around a $15 add on for unlimited data and $30 for unlimited texting and data. I also think the smallest voice plan is $50 for 550 minutes.

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