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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a list of independent coffee houses, small, cozy, non-corporation coffee houses around united states. Anyone has something similar?

Whenever I search for "Coffee" only, POI I get is Starbucks! It'd be fun to explore unknown coffee shops.

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I think this would be a great addition to the POI collection. Would be glad to assist.

I'm a newbie, not sure how

I'm a newbie, not sure how to go about starting it, but i'd definitely send a collection of all the coffee houses around the area if someone is upto the challenge.

absolutely - yes

a POI for independent coffee houses would be awesome. i realize there are two main problems: it would take a massive 'grassroots' effort to compile the data; and sadly, many of them go out of business. we always search google or yahoo maps when going on vacation, trying to list all the independent coffee houses along the route. we've found a few gems that way - but also find many of them shuttered when we arrive.

that being said, i'd be happy to contribute our list if this project takes off.

sounds great.

I will definitely contribute to this poi file. I know several places in Bay View, WI.

I can help

I know of some places both in the Chicago area and some I've read about around the US that I can provide when this takes off.

It might be really nice to

It might be really nice to add the phone number due to the rapid turnover - or even a little blurb given how eclectic they are by definition.

Does a POI allow for a descriptive sentence or two?


Local places are best

The Non chain coffee houses are by far the best. I am not saying that I hate Starbucks..but I know the small places in our town are great.

Dave_ Nuvi 660 , 760,1490LMT Wooster, Ohio

ok great? How do we start?

ok great? How do we start? What do we have to do?

I can make/maintain the file

I can make/maintain the file if people want to give us their favorites, let me know.

If someone else is making it, here is one...

Loca Moca Cafe
8836 Brookfield Ave.
Brookfield, IL 60513
(708) 485-7990

Nuvi 2595 & 760 |

A few local favorites

Coffee Rush
1949 W Ray Rd
Chandler, AZ 85224
(480) 855-9815
Monday-Saturday 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Sunday 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Coffee Rush
1555 N Gilbert Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85234
(480) 507-0930
Monday-Saturday 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Sunday 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Seattle Espresso
1840 E Warner Rd
Tempe, AZ 85284
(480) 831-6224
Monday-Friday 5:30a-9:00p
Saturday 6:00a-9:00p
Sunday 7:00a-9:00p

Seattle Espresso
4722 E Ray Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85044
(480) 598-3646
Monday-Friday 5:30a-9:00p
Saturday 6:00a-9:00p
Sunday 7:00a-9:00p

Seattle Espresso
891 N Val Vista Dr
Gilbert, AZ 85234
(480) 507-5658
Monday-Friday 5:30a-9:00p
Saturday 6:00a-9:00p
Sunday 7:00a-7:00p

Should the file be limited to one named location only?

Your add brings up a good question, are independent coffee shops of note by definition single stores?

I guess I'm thinking more of a list of original and unique shops - not Starbucks competitors, but a wholly different class of shop like these:

Or the big one somewhere near Hannibel, Mo we stumbled into that was filled with couches and a ceramic studio.

So I guess the question is, what is the goal - and is it easily defined and communicable?


Good question. I more less

Good question. I more less was under the approach of non-chain type.

For example, Coffee Rush there are only two in all the states. There may be others with other names, but the two listed above are owned by the same family and that's all there is. Same with the other one. Started as a single store that grew into three at various spots.

I'll start putting this POI

I'll start putting this POI together, I don't think anyone else is.

As for the "Chain" thing, in my Mexican/Italian non-chain restaurant files, I let the small local chains in. My vote is to let them in to this file as well.

So, let's get it going!! Let's have your favorite coffee joints!!


Nuvi 2595 & 760 |

OK, initial file has been

OK, initial file has been submitted to Miss POI. I have included the local chains for now. If people do not want them I will remove them.

jombl2 - Looks like Murky coffee is gone. Has the new shop opened yet?


Nuvi 2595 & 760 |

Murky is dead. It looks like

Murky is dead. It looks like this was the named successor:

but it's not clear if the Murky principles are involved.

In short Murky is out - but Peregrine makes the list.


I think we should include

I think we should include local area, or statewide chains which might have the same name but independently operated. I'm talking about places where the unlimited refill coffee of the day and a big piece of red velvet cake is $4.36 with tax!! smile heheheh that was the deal I got yesterday at my coffee shop.

Here are the locations of Dilworth Coffee from their website that is around Charlotte, North Carolina.

1235-B East Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28203

14815 John J. Delaney Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28277

350 George W Liles Pkwy, NW,
Ste 110
Concord, NC 28027

4400 Sharon Road
Charlotte, NC 28211
704-364-4251, x8258

8502 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28210

5818 Prosperity Church Road, C-9
Charlotte, NC 28269

145 Cross Center Road
Denver, NC 28037

3565 Matthews–Mint Hill Road
Matthews, NC 28105

110A Matthews Station Street
Matthews, NC 28105

9606 Bailey Road, Ste B
Cornelius, NC 28031

4937 Charlotte Hwy, Ste 112
Lake Wylie, SC 29710

Here is a ultra small chain coffee shop/brunch places:

Toast Cafe
101 N. Main St.
Davidson, NC 28036

Toast Cafe
100 Huntersville-Concord Rd
Huntersville, NC 28078

yes to small chains

If the purpose is to find coffee houses that are not of the Starbucks/Caribou/Seattle's Best Coffee national chain ilk, I think it's a plus to include small local chains. Here in the DC area we have the Mayorga coffee houses which started in one location and are beginning to branch out a bit. It's hard enough to find an independent coffee house - why exclude local chains? At least, that's my take on it.

I've had some email communication with the admins of the website

They obviously have a database of indie coffee houses. They're interested in the POI idea. Hopefully this dialogue will move on to the next step of getting it done.

here's our favorites...

Sven's European Cafe
2699 S Kinnickinnic Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207
(414) 483-2233

Anodyne Coffee Roasting
2924 S Kinnickinnic Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207
(414) 489-0765

thanks for starting this post.

No problem. I think this was

No problem. I think this was long overdue, something I wanted for a long time.

Here are some Virginia tech's finest (Spent long hours studying there, I could focus better than library)

Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea
700 N Main St
Blacksburg, VA 24060-3312
(540) 552-7442

Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea
4710 Starkey Rd Apt A
Roanoke, VA 24014

(540) 989-5282

Bollo's Cafe & Bakery
206 Draper Rd. Blacksburg, VA 24060
(540) 953-1669

Easy Chair Coffee Shop
801 University City Boulevard
(540) 951-1628

Jittery Joe's Coffee

Jittery Joe's is a small, independent coffee company located in Athens, GA. Their shops are either owned by the company, or are franchises. A list of all of their shops can be found on their web site at Many of the shops are located on college campuses in their student centers.

The following shops I have personally visited so I can vouch for the locations.

33.938898, -83.386596
Jittery Joe's
Five Points
1210 S Milledge Ave
Athens-Clarke County, GA 30605
(706) 208-1970

33.925139, -83.340264
Jittery Joe's
1860 Barnett Shoals Rd
Athens, GA 30605
(706) 354-8000

33.945937, -83.407413
Jittery Joe's
Baxter Street
1480 Baxter Street
Athens, GA 30606
(706) 548-1099

33.860070, -83.406931
Jittery Joe's
27 Greensboro Hwy
Watkinsville, GA 30677
(706) 769-4280

allbiz & xsailor, do you

allbiz & xsailor, do you guys have coordinates for these locations?

Nuvi 2595 & 760 |

i don't. I might have to do

i don't. I might have to do it manually. What's the easiest way to obtain this? just google maps or a website that outputs this easily?

I use Google Earth

The best tool I have found so far is Google Earth. Download it from Bring it up and in the left hand pane, select "fly to" and put the address you are interested in in the input box and press enter. The Map should then "fly" to the location you selected. If it is "close" then move the mouse cursor over the correct location and record the latitude and longitude values displayed on the bottom of the screen. Edit your .csv file and put these values in, remembering to swap them so longitude comes first.

Hope this helps


The easiest way to obtain a few coordinates

xsailor wrote:

i don't. I might have to do it manually. What's the easiest way to obtain this? just google maps or a website that outputs this easily?

The easiest way to obtain a few coordinates is:

You can drag and drop the cursor to fine tune the location.

You can also build a spreadsheet and load it into Turbo's Extra POI Editor and have it do the geo-coding for you. It also allows the fine tuning of the coordinates.

ɐ‾nsǝɹ Just one click away from the end of the Internet

I use Google Earth or Acme

I use Google Earth or Acme Mapper (

If you use Acme Mapper set you options to "d.ddd d.ddd".

I can do the coordinates, but it will take me much more time to update the file. Plus, if a user gets their own coordinates, they can be much more accurate than what I will find.


Nuvi 2595 & 760 |

Nother One

Gold Bar Espresso
3141 S McClintock Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282
Open everyday from 6am - 11pm
-111.908962, 33.394841

Bellingham, WA

Lots of independent coffee shops in the Bellingham, WA area. Here area a few of my picks.

Woods Coffee is a favorite local chain:

-122.440937, 48.963184
Bender Woods Coffee
8874 Bender Rd., Lynden, WA 98264

-122.485639, 48.933891
Safeway Woods Coffee
8071 Guide Meridian, Lynden, WA 98264

-122.472288, 48.939491
Front St. Woods Coffee
1758 Front St., Lynden, WA 98264

-122.463681, 48.755263
King St. Woods Coffee
1901 King St., Bellingham, WA 98226

-122.494844, 48.789904
Bakerview Square Woods Coffee
428 W. Bakerview Rd., Bellingham, WA 98226

-122.503817, 48.729531
Boulevard Park Woods Coffee
470 Bayview Rd., Bellingham, WA 98226

-122.480793, 48.74757
The Woods on Railroad
1135 Railroad Ave., Bellingham, WA 98225

-122.583256, 48.844456
Ferndale Woods Coffee
1867 Main St., Ferndale, WA 98248

-122.753582, 48.937872
Birch Bay Woods Coffee
8130 Birch Bay St., Blaine, WA 98230

In the Fairhaven neighborhood of Bellingham:

-122.503191, 48.719688
Rustic Coffee Bar
1319 11th St, Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 306-8794

-122.503078, 48.720194
Tony's Coffee House
1101 Harris Ave., Bellingham, WA 98225

-122.500036, 48.720088
Firehouse Cafe
1314 Harris, Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 734-2776

In the Lettered Streets neighborhood:

-122.484394, 48.757369
Lettered Streets Coffeehouse
1001 Dupont St, Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 933-4689

Denis - Bellingham, WA - nuvi 260W

File Updated!

I updated the POI file with all the new entries that had coordinates.


Nuvi 2595 & 760 |

Chuck- Do you need mine


Do you need mine (North Carolina, Virginia) ones to be submitted with coordinates to make the additions?


Mayorga Coffee Factory
8040 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Telephone: (301) 562-9090


Some more for the file

Here are some that I know of. Most lean towards high-quality coffe and espresso-based drinks.

Intelligentsia Coffee

3123 N. Broadway St | Chicago, IL 60657
lat/lon: 41.938111, -87.6443201

53 W. Jackson Blvd | Chicago, IL 60604
lat/lon: 41.878149, -87.629372

53 E. Randolph St | Chicago, IL 60601
lat/lon: 41.8844821, -87.6253152

3922 W Sunset Blvd | Los Angeles, CA 90029
lat/lon: 34.0921, -118.280227

1331 Abbot Kinney Blvd | Venice, CA 90291
lat/lon: 33.9910939, -118.466894

Metropolis Coffee
1039 W Granville Ave | Chicago, IL 60660
lat/lon: 41.9945727, -87.6571042

Conscious Cup Coffee Roasters
625D Cog Circle | Crystal Lake, IL 60014
lat/lon: 42.2271595, -88.2922113

Four Beans Coffee House
1928 W Wilson St | Batavia, IL 60510
lat/lon: 41.849729, -88.3395675

Four Bean Bistro & Coffee Bar
4003 S Plainfield/Naperville Rd
Naperville, IL 60564
lat/lon: 41.696339, -88.167149

Arbor Vitae Java & Juice
NIU Campus, 1120 E Diehl Rd, Naperville,IL 60563
lat/lon: 41.8008345, -88.1268716

COD Campus, 425 Fawell Blvd, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
lat/lon: 41.842423, -88.07147

KnockBox Cafe
1001 N. California Ave
(corner of California & Augusta)
Chicago,IL 60622
lat/lon: 41.899332, -87.696855

Chava Cafe
4656 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 942-6763
lat/lon: 41.966519, -87.667270

Klatch Roasting

8916 Foothill Blvd Ste C
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
lat/lon: 34.106505, -117.607624

806 W. Arrow Hwy Ste A
San Dimas, CA 91773
lat/lon: 34.106508, -117.821759

Nor'West Coffee Paradise Cafe
1304 Main Street
Vancouver, Washington USA
(360) 696-1612
lat/lon: 45.631071, -122.671505

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters
2152 4th Avenue West
Vancouver, BC V6K 1N6 Canada
lat/lon: 49.268363, -123.155094

Bluebottle Coffee Company
66 Mint St. (corner of Jessie)
San Francisco, CA, 94103
lat/lon: 37.782585, -122.407615

EVP Coffee
WEST: 3809 Mineral Point Rd.
Madison, WI
lat/lon: 43.060774, -89.438863

EAST: 1250 E Washington Ave
Madison, WI
lat/lon: 43.077908, -89.379631

Sequoya: 555 S Midvale Blvd
Madison, WI
lat/lon: 43.054703, -89.451126

this thread..

this thread looks like its going well.

xsailor, I'll go through

xsailor, I'll go through these this week and update the file with the non-coordinates entries.

In the future everyone should submit coordinates with your entries.

FYI - To be counted as a contributor at the POI Factory, you have to include coordinates.


Nuvi 2595 & 760 |

also diners

xsailor wrote:

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a list of independent coffee houses, small, cozy, non-corporation coffee houses around united states. Anyone has something similar?

Whenever I search for "Coffee" only, POI I get is Starbucks! It'd be fun to explore unknown coffee shops.

I would like that and also "diners." The old fashioned diner where you can get anything to eat at any time of the day or night.

Boone, NC Coffee Shops

Beanstalk Coffeehouse
352 W King St
Boone, NC 28607-3519
(828) 262-6175
36.216860, -81.678746

Crossroads Coffee House
231 College St
Boone, NC 28607-4013
(828) 263-9555
36.216140, -81.679629

Espresso News/Mosaic Books
267 Howard St
Boone, NC 28607-4011
(828) 264-8850
36.217737, -81.683786

Cafe Portofino & The Tap Room
970 Rivers St
Boone, NC 28607-5902
(828) 264-7772
36.217998, -81.685764

FIle Updated!!

All submissions are now included, 74 total java joints.

Keep em' coming!!!

**For those that did not give coordinates, please try to check and verify what I came up with. A couple of xsailor's seemed out of place.**


Nuvi 2595 & 760 |

The ones i sent out

The ones i sent out yesterday with coordinates or ones before that without the coordinates?

The first round, without. A

The first round, without. A couple seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, but the maps/sats were probably out of date as it appeared there was new construction.


Nuvi 2595 & 760 |

Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop
3000 E Ray Rd, Gilbert, AZ
(480) 279-3144‎
-111.726244, 33.321864

Nice grounds and next to a BBQ restaurant. Has an old-time farm feeling to the place.

This thread needs some mocha

This thread needs some mocha lovin'!!

Any good coffee shops around DC area?

Here is one I went to:

38.921894, -77.042438
2459 18th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

Updated! Thanks for the

Updated! Thanks for the additions.

Nuvi 2595 & 760 |

Best way to Jumpstart this POI File

Hello Guys/Gals,

This is my first post to the forums. I have been compiling and converting my own POI files for quite some time. This site has been my "go to" on many occasion when trying to determine how best to layout my files.

I thought it only right to contribute back for all the help it has been to me. I found this link, which lists local coffee shops by state (with address and phone number).

I will use it to develop the "starter" for this project. I recently found a "Coffee Shops" POI, but it wasn't labeled well, and did not list the Name of the shops. Hopefully this POI will neatly replace the one I currently have loaded on my GPS.

Once complete, we will need input to determine which are still active, and which are not. As stated before on these forums, many Local Coffee shops don't last a year. Hopefully, if we can find them easily on GPS, we can help them survive for our enjoyment.

Here is the Link:

rlaughlin, this poi file has

rlaughlin, this poi file has already been started:

It is based on POI Factory user input.

Nuvi 2595 & 760 |

Chuck, here is a new one for the list

I stopped by Fredericksburg, VA on my way to Washington, DC. This is a great coffee shop that I found out about from the locals, but unfortunately did not have time to stop by the next morning, because I was late to DC.

Hyperion Espresso
38.303467, -77.460780
301 William St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Phone: 540 373 4882
Monday - Saturday: 7:00am - 10:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am - 8:00pm

POI List Submitted

Sorry cpjanda, I wasn't trying to hijack the project, just trying to offer a suggestion that would help expedite the process.

If anyone cares, I just posted my POI file "Coffee Shops" under [Restaurants]. It contains 17,950 locations in all 50-states. It includes Large Chains, Small Chains, as well as Thousands of Local Shops. You can parse it as necessary to remove the Large Chains. I figured it was just as easy to "browse by them in the menu" if I didn't want a Chain.

I was unhappy with the "thrown together" list I had found on other sites (Many didn't even name the Business), and wanted to get involved. This list is Clean, Well Labeled, and even contains Phone Numbers for EVERY location, for those who use "Hands-Free" calling through their GPS.

For what it's worth I put a lot of effort into this (Try Geo-Coding 17,000+ locations). Hopefully some of you here can make use of it.

I also have the POI List in OV2 format and Excel (with Icon) if anyone needs it. Just email me at: and let me know what you need.
I will be happy to email it to you.

Best Wishes... RL

I think both of these poi

I think both of these poi files can be useful! A lot of my files here are created by actual user input, and I like that about them.

17,000!!! Yikes, that had to be painful!!! Can't wait to see it.

Nuvi 2595 & 760 |


File updated. Thanks xsailor!

xsailor wrote:

Hyperion Espresso
38.303467, -77.460780
301 William St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Phone: 540 373 4882
Monday - Saturday: 7:00am - 10:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am - 8:00pm

Nuvi 2595 & 760 |


Hi. I'm working on creating a Dazbog listing. They have developed from humble beginnings into a regional presence in Colorado, and now in Texas and Arizona.

One of the Favourite local chains in Gatineaun QC


Here are the 6 current locations of a local chain that is popular here in Gatineau Quebec. They are planning to add 2 more locations in the Hull sector of Gatineau in the future.

Moca Loca Café - de la Gappe - Gatineau
799 Blvd. de la Gappe
Gatineau, QC J8T 8P9

Moca Loca Café - de la Savanne - Gatineau
25 rue De la Savane
Gatineau, QC J8T 8A4

Moca Loca Café - de la Cite - Gatineau
550 boul. de la Cité
Gatineau, QC J8T 0A7

Moca Loca Café - Alexandre-Taché - Hull
283 boul. Alexandre-Taché
Gatineau, QC J9A 1L8

Moca Loca Café - Mont-Bleu - Hull
34 boul. Mont-Bleu
Gatineau, QC J8Z 1J1

Moca Loca Café - Gatineau Principale - Aylmer
149 rue Principale
Gatineau, QC J9H 3M7


Garmin Nüvi 855 & 760, iPhone, Magellan RM860T

O'Henrys Coffee 2831 18th

O'Henrys Coffee
2831 18th Street South
Homewood, AL 35209

OHenry's Coffee Brookwood Village
569 Brookwood Village,Ste. 101 Birmingham, AL 35209

Cool Beans Coffee House
1014 Oxmoor Road
Birmingham, AL 35209-5318
(205) 871-2665

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