Garmin hand helds


I am looking to get a hand held GPS ,it needs to be colour,detailed and easy to use.


Not sure about Garmin handhelds but.....


I have a Magellan Triton 200, color screen, pretty detailed, but not that easy to learn when getting started.

It has a menu system for trails, waypoints, geocaching etc. and even with the manual it has a steep learning curve. Keyboard for entry items is a real pain to operate, especially with big fingers.

I had some problems with firmware causing it to brick last month and it took Magellan a while to send me a refurb model as a replacement.

So I am not sure I would recommend the Triton series, they don't make the 200 anymore. You might be right looking at a model with touchscreen and more features than the Magellan offers.

I hope my two cents helps.


What are your intended uses? hiking, biking, car, pedestrian, city, rural, motorcycle, geocaching, boating, other?

What features do you need? (autorouting, topo maps, compass, altimeter, communicating with a computer, other?)

What types of maps do you need? (street, topo, water, other?)

Price range? 100? 200? 300? more?

coonhunter wrote: I am

coonhunter wrote:

I am looking to get a hand held GPS ,it needs to be colour,detailed and easy to use.

I have a GPSMap 60CXS and use it for biking and trails. Solid, reliable unit. One of the few GPS receivers that has actually held its purchase value over the years. Has a decent map built in, compass, altimeter. Also does autorouting but I never used that feature. I recently added Topo USA... A good deal as the map is not locked to one GPS.

The Oregon and Colorado are newer and have larger screens/ touch screens but I think the 60CSX is still hard to beat


I have Garmin's 76CX...

...which is similar to the 60CX in features and ease of use. I figured out how to use it in about 5 minutes without ever reading the manual. I use it on the water for kayaking, as well as on the trail for hiking. As Karl Malden used to say, 'Don't leave home without it.'


Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX

I have a 60CSx, and love it.

I have a 60CSx, and love it. the CX would be fine, unless your partial to the electronic compass and altimeter.

Great value for the money, and you can add whatever maps you want, Bluechart for the Boat, Street maps for the car, and TOPO for hiking or Geocaching.

I'm not familiar with the Oregon or other similar newer fancy models.

I also use the GPS 60CSX

It was my first gps purchase in June 2008. My research at the time had it highly recommended. I wanted something to take hiking and measure/record my tracks. I bought the TOPO 2008 maps later that year and they're great when you out in the middle of nowwhere blazing trails! Looks like a popular model based on the comments here so far.

The display is not as large as some other models but it's adequate. And it is very lightweight. Don't even notice it hanging on the belt when moving.

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I have a Rino 530HCx. I was looking at the 60CSx for a long time. Then I realized that for about $75 more, I could get a 5W GMRS radio, NOAA weather radio, plus a rechargeable battery.

Garmin 60 or 76 series

As you can see from the other posts, the Garmin 60 and 76 series are highly recommended.

The 60Cx and 76Cx have the same guts with a different case and different button placement.

The 60CSx and 76CSx add electronic sensors (hence the S) such as an electronic compass, into the mix. With the non-S models you have to be moving in order for the compass needle to point in the proper direction. With the "S" models you can stand still and it still works. Of course there is battery loss due to running the electronic compass. Some complain that it has to be recalibrated from time to time - especially if you swap the batteries out. This is true but the calibration takes seconds.

I have the 76CSx and am extremely satisfied with it. Folks who have the 60 series are equally satisfied.

GPSMAP 76CSx - nüvi 760 - nüvi 200 - GPSMAP 78S

garmin hand helds

I am a coonhunter so it would be used mostly at nite following my dogs ,so off road it is.


Rino 530HCx

I like your way of thinking. I think that is an excellent choice!

garmin handheld

the nuvi's are getting so small that u can use that as a handheld.

Garmin 60CSX vs Nuvi

I have a 60CSX and a Nuvi 660. While the Nuvi is small enough for hand-held use, it does lack the more rugged case and waterproof/resistant capabilities of the 60CSX. I also find that the Nuvi isn't as good (although better than my phone's GPS) for geocaching.

The Nuvi comes with detailed street maps; the 60CSX only came with a basemap which only has major roads so I purchased MetroGuide (no longer available) maps. The MG maps don't permit routing in the 60CSX but I didn't need that for the handheld. If I did I would have purchased the City Navigator maps instead.

garmin handheld

One problem with using a nuiv for walking is holding it and needing the ant up. I use a 660 but it is cumbersome to hold. neutral

johnm405 660 & MSS&T


coonhunter wrote:

I am a coonhunter so it would be used mostly at nite following my dogs ,so off road it is.

The Garmin Astro might be a good choice then. It includes the ability to track your dogs. It's designed primarily for bird hunting, so you'd have to decide if it would meet your needs.

Garmin Hand Helds

I like the Garmin 60CSX. It's batteries can be changed out and work a long time. It is somewhat water resistant as it is rubber sealed. Unlike a nuvi its ok in a rainstorm when your on foot or on the water. I got lost one time in Beijing inside the Forbidden City and it helped me get out quickly. I also use it for fishing in the Sea of Cortez to mark places where I got hookups when fishing. The batteries can be purchased any place. It takes map micro SD cards and very easy to use. My research on the newer Garmin hand helds like the Colorado or Oregon shows problems from some users with the viewing of the screen in bright sunlight. This problem does not exist with the 60CSX.