Sac City Iowa


Sac City Iowa claims to be the World Capital of Barn Quilts. Check out for their claim.
My wife being a quilter and has made me take trips with her to quilt shows around the USA so here I go.
This Sept. 26th and 27th there will be a SAC CO. QUILT A Fair with quilt show and other things but the main thing is 56 barn Quilts throughout the county.
I went on the website and when I downloaded the coordinates of the barns I found that I was somewhere in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of South America so I took all the addresses and found the coordinates and created a csv file.
I then realized that if I followed their order I would cross the county many times and waste time so I put it on Google Earth and created a clockwise order so that I more or less followed a path without zig zag travel.
I uploaded my 2 files to
Anyone wishing to improve, feel free and maybe you will see me at the show(I am the good looking one).