Garmin vs TomTom POI display


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I have a TomTom 720 with lots of POI such as speed cameras, school zones etc.

The other day borrowed a friends Garmin who is also into his POIs. The Garmin had a great feature which I was hoping can be converted to the TomTom ie

When entering a ,for example, school zone the Garmin would highlight the school zone route and contine to warn during that part of the route, while my TomTom is only an icon at the start of the school zone and end of the school zone.

My question is... can the Garmin CSV file with this POI warning of that section of the route be converted to the TomTom OV2 file? And would the TomTom display and warn similar to the Garmin ?


May want to look at this

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Thanks charlesd45 for your reply
mmm...I may not have explained myself correctly

What I was wondering is, the POI that Garmin supplies alert you along the complete and actual roads. For example you enter a school zone, the Garmin flashes along the complete length of the street, once past the school zone strip it clears the alert.

While the TomTom Poi is just a symbol ( and sound)which alerts you say 100m before the start of the school zone. If the school zone is over 300m the alert will stop,once you pass the POI symbol but you are still traveling in the school zone.

My question is can this style of warning along the complete length of the roads around the school zone from Garmin be used in TomTom.

I am hoping this is a bit clearer...