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Just found this on another site: "I have a Garmin NUVI 350 and learned early on not to mount it by sticking it to the windshield. I found a very useful and acceptable solution was to place the mounting base in an open ashtray on my dashboard. Just open the ashtray, place the mounting base in it then close it to make it a snug fit. Reverse the precedure to remove the unit. No muss, no fuss." Mounting any of my units has been a porblem. I found the only solution has been the bean bag mount, but thought this had merit. Thanks you amon. Wish he would come to our group. I think ill invite him.

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Do you have a web site to

Do you have a web site to see what it looks like?Searched Garmin accessories and didn't see it.

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Use velcro to get your friction mount to stay put.

I bought some industrial strength velcro patches at a craft store and put two of them on my beanbag friction mounts that I use with my GPS. It keeps the beanbag mount in place while driving, but you can still remove it and hide it under the seat while parked.


Garmin Mount

charlesd45 wrote:

Do you have a web site to see what it looks like?Searched Garmin accessories and didn't see it.

Neither Garmin or Amazon have a picture yet.

Vent Mount

The vent mount mentioned is no longer available via Ebay link.



romanviking wrote:

The vent mount mentioned is no longer available via Ebay link.

Ummm... you do realize this thread is at least 2 years old, right?

The trick to getting the 350

The trick to getting the 350 stuck well to the windshield is to moisten it before pressing it to the windshield & the moving the plastic locking mechanism into lock position.

Never had my 350 fall off the windshield, even in highly spirited driving experiences.





I have a storage space on my dash that I placed the included flat disk and then place the window mount on the disk - works great with my 3790LMT. I also have a place on my center console for long trips to mount it out of the sun.
When I leave my SUV I take my garmin with me.

Mounting your gps (TomTom

Mounting your gps

(TomTom or Garmin) We toured Italy & Spain in 2009 and used our friend's TomTom. It did a marvellous job and the only problem we had was trying to figure out how to detour. This TomTom used a windshield suction mount.
I decided to buy a Garmin because I already owned a Legend (for geocaching) and the ease of POI manipulation. When I bought my Garmin 1350 last fall I also bought a dash pad so I would not run afoul of laws dictating where mounts could be placed on your windshield. The bottom of this pad is a non-slip material and worked well in my Passat and now my Edge. Several friends now own this gpspad too. It stows in the glovebox so when I park anywhere no one sees a gpsmount...


GPS mounting

I am sure that like everyone else, I have tried numerous ways to mount my nuvi. I don't like the windshield mount, or placing it in the ashtray, or laying it on the middle console. I have a Nuvi 350 that I put some heavy duty velcro like stuff on the back of the click on mount and the other half to the left of the steering wheel on the vertical part of the dash. It is a black dashboard and the velcro is almost invisible. You do have to glance down a bit to read it though. But recently I have just started using the bean bag mount up on the middle of the dashboard. The Nuvi 350 is so light, mine really does not move around. But like my kids say..... I drive like an old fogey..... which I am.


Side line

miss poi wrote:

I am just waiting for CSI to do a show about someone who dies after getting beaned in the head with their GPS and looses control of their vehicle. I am really surprised that there has not been an episode out there like this yet.
I can't tell you how many times my streetpilot has gone sailing across the dash and landed on the floor of the passenger side.
miss poi

EDIT by JM: Miss poi has a bad habit of taking corners more sharply that most normal folks smile

Great idea. You could become a TV script consultant.

Suction to Windshield

You might try applying a dab of 'glycerin' to the suction cup before mounting (this is an old but useful trick) You can purchase a small amount of glycerin at the local pharmacy.

However, I and many others use a bean bag style holder on the dash and are quite please with it.

Mine doesn't slide around at all.

Gary Hayman

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Nice website.

Nice website.

-Jonathan '00 Mustang GT (built and supercharged) '08 Tundra (workhorse) '02 325i (daily driver)

My Solution

My solution for my 2002 Z3 roadster was to place a plastic disk on the dashboard & use the suction mount. The Nuvi 350 stays below the bottom of the window line of sight so it doesn't interfere with seeing anything. I've never had a policeman stop me for this mounting technique & it is quite rigidly attached.


Arkon Mount

My Jeep Wrangler has a small windshield, and I did not want the Garmin on the dash or windshield taking up space. I installed an Arkon APGN-VSM mount ($7.50 at Amazon) on the wide plastic frame above the windshield between the sun visors. By mounting the GPS up high, it is not easily seen from outside the Jeep, yet is viewable by the driver or passenger. The Wrangler has a fiberglass roof, so reception is not a problem.

Totally off topic here, but

Totally off topic here, but every time I see Robert's name in a post I imagine that he's shouting it at the top of his lungs so we don't forget it. wink

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