FAQ I didn't find... How does one report new location on a POI ????


I think I did the right thing... but didn't find a FAQ on it....

Starbucks.... Didn't trip on the location near our house. So I pulled into the parking lot adjacent to building also by main street, and logged the co-ordinates... and the address....

Then, when I got home, went to the Starbucks POI and sent an email of this location by address, and Co-ordinates.. North Degrees, minutes Seconds & West Degrees, minutes, Seconds.... to the fellow who posted the Starbucks POI.....

Was this the right thing to do, or is it done elsewhere on this site?

My way of saying "Thanks!"

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You did the right thing.

Correct way, as you did, is to provide information to the original creator. If no answer, you can forward it to Miss POI.

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You did the right thing and Thank-You for your contribution in helping us being as accurate and up to date as possible.

The link below explains the updating policy.



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