POI Files | How do I update a file that is already on the site?

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If you are the original author of the file you can edit it yourself.
You will want to work from the file that is currently up on the site.

Go to the page where the file is and click on the Edit tab. You will see an area that reads, “Replace with an updated file (if needed)”.
Use the browse feature to find the updated file on your computer and once you select your file and it shows in the box, you can hit the submit button and it will show up in the recent updates area.

Please do not make a new submission to an already existing file.
If you see that an existing file needs to be edited and you are not the current maintainer, please contact the author of the file or file maintainer.
The maintainer's name appears under the title of the file. Select the name and it will take you to that members page and you can select the contact tab. This will allow you to send a message directly to that member.
If you fail to receive a response, contact a moderator via the website contact form.

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